Good to Great Facilitator Training

In order to resource fathers to be the best dads they can possibly be for their children, Dads4Kids has a strategy at a foundational level to make the Good to Great Fathering Course available to every Australian father.

To do this, we must raise greater donor support in order to pioneer the Good to Great Course in other cities and regional centres.

Dads4Kids offers an annual weekend Train the Trainer Course. Scholarships will be awarded to approved applicants.


Every man wants to make a difference. Every man wants to leave a legacy for his family and make the world a better place.

The Dads4Kids Train the Trainer Summit is all about helping you to achieve extraordinary results for your children and make the world a better place, all at the same time.

The Dads4Kids Train the Trainer Summit will help you move from being a good dad to becoming a great dad, hence the current title of the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Course — ‘Good to Great’.

Scientific research shows that the best way to learn is to train others. As you coach and teach others, the principles of fathering excellence become embedded in your own life.

The Good to Great Fathering Course is all about learning by doing. As you train others to do the course, you will be committed to do the very things you are teaching, and as you do them, they become part of your life.

Your children are the greatest benefactors of your commitment to becoming a certified Dads4Kids Trainer. Not only will you embark on the journey to become a Dads4Kids Master Coach, but you will help change men’s lives and ultimately give their children a better start in life.

Attending the Dads4Kids Train the Trainer Summit will give you official certification by Dads4Kids as an Associate Trainer, and allow you to organise and conduct your own Dads4Kids 10 week Fatherhood Mentoring Courses called ‘Good to Great’. For more information, see the Prospectus.

After completing your first 10-week course, you will move from Associate Trainer to Qualified Trainer. Each time you train another group of men and do extra work to develop yourself as a trainer, and therefore a Dad, you accrue credit points and after teaching 5 courses become a Master Coach. By this stage, the things you are teaching become part of who you are, and you will have helped hundreds of fathers because of the multiplication effect of also helping train future trainers. In a relatively short period of time, you will have positively affected thousands of children’s lives and helped change the nation in the process.

Many men have done the Dads4Kids Good to Great Fathering Course and it has radically changed their lives. More importantly, doing the 10-week course has also changed the lives of their children and given them a better start in life.

The social science research is clear —

Involved, committed and caring fathers help children in the following ways:

  • Children will do better at school
  • Children develop higher IQs
  • Children will develop better social skills
  • Children will have better physical health
  • Children will have better mental health
  • Children will be less likely to be involved in crime
  • Children will be less likely to take drugs
  • Children will be less likely to suffer sexual or physical abuse
  • Children will be less likely to be divorced as adults and suffer family breakdown
  • Children as adults will develop higher levels of wealth
  • Children will live longer as adults
  • Children will be happier, more secure and more successful as adults


Please direct any enquiries to:
Dads4Kids, Fatherhood Foundation