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    Gratitude now has a voice. We as fathers need to be encouraged to be thankful, so we can encourage our children to be the same. Thankful people are happy people. Thankful families ...

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  • Thrive Through Change (Part 2)

    Are you making slow progress managing change? Not sure what to do next? Low confidence in your ability to make the right decision? … help is here. Managing change, especially managing personal ...

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  • 13 Principles to Thriving Through Life Change – Part 1

    Going through a life transition is like going from smooth water to white-water. Find out how to stay afloat… Ever gone rafting or kayaking and experienced the change from flat calm water ...

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  • Matthew McConaughey — Raising Resilient Children

    What is the secret to raising resilient children? Matthew McConaughey is an extremely popular American actor and producer who has a story to tell about raising resilient children. His new book, a ...

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