Daring Dads is a two-hour course, specifically designed for expectant, first-time fathers. The course does not replace any existing prenatal classes or instruction, but is designed as a complementary service for dads who want to go the extra mile and embrace excellence in fathering. Daring Dads draws its inspiration from the most successful new fathering course in the world called Bootcamp for New Dads.

Daring DadsThis prenatal course for new dads has been in operation for over 20 years. The Dads4Kids team have been in contact with Greg Bishop, founder of Bootcamp for New Dads. Greg Bishop is a health professional as well as a passionate father. The foundational concepts of Daring Dads are taken directly from Bootcamp for New Dads.

Dads4Kids is working towards full accreditation status of Daring Dads with Bootcamp for New Dads, on the condition that Daring Dads is able to develop its program to meet the needs of Australia’s new fathers in their own unique Australian cultural context.

Target Audience: Expectant fathers at 39 months gestation. The goal of Daring Dads is to resource fathers to enable them to achieve excellence in fathering by helping new dads:

  1. Gain confidence as dads through a proactive, interactive, peer-based learning experience.
  2. Receive answers to the many questions that new fathers have, but were too afraid to ask.
  3. Understand the needs of their child’s mother, before, during and after the delivery of their child.
  4. Understand the best ways to support mother and child before, during and after birth.

For further information regarding course dates, please phone 02 4272 6677.

Men are experiential learners. Daring Dads is a unique, Australian course designed for dads who are prepared to embark on the journey of excellence in fathering. Daring Dads is not for every father, but it is a great course for fathers who want to be great dads and a great support to their partners.

After a successful trial period at Wollongong Hospital, it is our aim to make Daring Dads available through our growing national network. We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress and partnering with you to build a better community.

Daring Dads has been developed jointly by Drs Michael and Michelle Browne, who operate a well-known medical practice in Nowra, NSW, and in consultation with Warwick and Alison Marsh, founders of the Fatherhood Foundation/Dads4Kids, based in Wollongong. Dr Michael Browne is a senior lecturer at the Wollongong Medical School, Wollongong University. Dads4Kids is a national organisation with a goal to increase the proportion of children who grow up with an involved, committed, responsible and loving father. Dads4Kids is well-known for its work promoting excellence in fathering both in the Illawarra and across the nation.

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