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Our Children are the Answer, Not the Problem to Our Environmental Challenges

Emily Holleman a writer for The Cut, - part of New York Magazine’s ‘One Great Story’ section - recently condemned bearing children in the age of the “apocalypse,” selfish. As a committed father of five, I was intensely interested in what she had to say. Holleman’s reflection on anxiety and personal loss in a time of uncertainty is the better part of what becomes an environmentalist “sermon”. An autobiographical piece, the ...

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You are a Father Now!

“Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man.” These are the wise words of Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore. They also came true this week for Tasman and Jean Westbury with the birth of their first baby, named Elijah Joseph-Anthony Westbury. You have never met Jean Westbury, but you will know her work on our new Dads4Kids website and our Dads4Kids Facebook site. Jean has a ...

Dad-life is a Verb

Dad-life involves both being and doing. In a word, fatherhood is a vocation. The Latin equivalent is vocare -- “to call.” Dad-life is therefore a “calling.” It’s much more than just another job. For sure, fatherhood is full-time work. We’re required to be on the scene until the good Lord retires us. This will mean being waste-deep in the complexity of relationships. Wading through life’s trenches carrying responsibility and ...

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Dad and Pregnancy: Number 2 Makes Us Four

Editor's Note: It’s been nearly three months since we were here, but when we last updated the story of dad-life for our author, his wife had just been told that she was pregnant with number two. Life had just gotten down to some sort of order, and everything was about to be turned upside-down, all over again! ___ Agony and Ecstasy: One man’s journey through fatherhood. So, here we go again. ...

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Bringing Baby Home from Hospital

Alright then, just sign here and you can take him home. Home? Taking him home? And not just him, but my wonderful and rather tired and sore wife. There’s a lot involved in taking your baby home from hospital. You’ve got to have somewhere for them to sit in the car, somewhere for them to sleep at home, and a decent supply of nappies, cloths, creams, and so forth. We had ...

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Baby’s First Day of Life

What on earth do I do now? That’s the thought that went through my head. I held my newborn son in my arms, I looked down into his eyes, and in him I saw someone who would be completely reliant on my wife and me for his every need, someone who I could build up or break down by my words and actions, and someone who would love me regardless of ...

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Pregnancy to Birth: How Not to Panic

Fatherhood; it’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. Sorry Charles Dickens for stealing your thunder, but it’s true. Being a dad is one of the most wonderful things to ever happen to me, as well as one of the most terrifying. I’ve been a father for 11 years now, which is long enough to be able to reflect somewhat on the journey so far, and also long enough ...

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The Dad Dilemma

The Dad Dilemma is the title of an article in The Age about the challenges of child birth. Thea O’Connor, the writer, says, “Most Australian men are present and active at the birth of their children. But not everyone believes this is a good thing.” Having been present for the births of my five children, I quickly asked my wife for her opinion. She matter-of-factly stated, “You helped make the baby, ...

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