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  • dead man walking

Three Keys to Keep You Alive If You Feel Like a Dead Man Walking

Sadly, the truth is we are surrounded by millions and millions of Dead Men Walking. These men are in solitary confinement. They're trapped in a cell in their mind and in their emotions and in their circumstances. Friends, we have got to do something to stop this slide.

  • commitment

Ways to Fight Fathering Commitment Erosion

How do you maintain your motivation and commitment as a dad? According to our own research on fatherhood, high commitment is the number-one sign or predictor of an effective father. But there’s a problem… our commitment level erodes over time.

  • Fantastical Fathering

Fantastical Fathering

Dads, spark your children’s imaginations! Stoke their curiosity! Be the fantastical father who fires up their brain synapses and inspires them to find their place in the world. You won’t regret it.

  • divorced dads

Divorced Dads: Choose Your Battles Wisely

The first question we must ask ourselves when considering the fight for our rights as fathers is, How will it impact our children? What price will they pay? Divorces take a big enough toll on them.

  • riding

Writing About Riding

3 June is World Bicycle Day. Bicycling is fun, it’s economical, and it’s healthy. It’s an ecological pastime the whole family can enjoy. And if we pay attention, riding a bicycle can provide some lessons for everyday life.

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