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  • Squish

Introducing Squish! Her Real Name Is…

Since August last year, I have been writing a series called ‘The Adventures of Squish’ about our adopted baby. For legal reasons, my wife Angie and I were unable to make our baby’s real name public until the adoption was finalised.

  • flying

Flying With Your Baby

Here are some important lessons that Angie and learned from our first flight with Squish. Take time away to be with your family. Don’t let the fear of flying with your baby stop you from taking that important time away.

  • unplanned

No Such Thing As Unplanned

Listening to ‘Unplanned’ made my wife and I deeply grateful for Squish, and deeply grateful to her birth mother and father for staring down every challenge they faced to give this beautiful baby the gift of life.

  • the good life

Modelling the Good Life for Your Baby

It has dawned on me in recent weeks that the time to model “the good life” for Squish is not when she starts talking or begins school or reaches adolescence — but today.

  • involved

Zero to Three Advice for Fathers – Get Involved

Children with dads who are involved in their upbringing tend to do better socially, emotionally, and academically than kids with uninvolved fathers. Research also shows kids with involved dads tend to be more confident.

  • solids

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

It has officially begun: Squish is eating solids. Watching her navigate her first few mouthfuls of food, after months of a milk-only diet, was predictably entertaining.

  • Christmas

A Very Squishy Christmas

Singing these two carols to Squish has helped me think about Christmas through the eyes of a child for the first time in decades. And it’s a beautiful thing.

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