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  • commitment

Ways to Fight Fathering Commitment Erosion

How do you maintain your motivation and commitment as a dad? According to our own research on fatherhood, high commitment is the number-one sign or predictor of an effective father. But there’s a problem… our commitment level erodes over time.

  • outdoors

Parenting and the Outdoors

I am convinced that a love of the outdoors is innate in every child. It doesn’t need to be taught, but if it isn’t nurtured, it can fade fast and be crowded out by all of the artificial environments we have created in the modern world.

  • nurturing

Nurturing Becomes the Man

Even if nurturing wasn’t a strength for your dad, you can learn from others, and pass it on to your kids. Men do feel, and we do nurture. Let’s just do it… now! With our arms, words, eyes and ears, we can give our kids the physical and verbal affirmation that lasts a lifetime.

  • cuteness

Your Baby’s Cuteness is a Scientific Fact

Lorenz suggested that a baby’s cute features trigger a nurturing response in adults, encouraging them to care for and protect them. Research has confirmed Lorenz’s theory many times over in the decades since.

  • surgery

How Our Baby’s Surgery Tested and Strengthened Our Family

Last week was our toughest yet as parents. It all began when Squish endured a few days of unexplained fevers and interrupted sleep. We eventually found a rock-hard lump on her leg that was clearly the source of her pain. Our baby needed surgery to drain the infection.

  • sibling

How to Create Sibling (and Family) Relationships That Last

Ultimately, parents must remember that they likely won’t be around for their children’s entire lives, but children’s siblings probably will be. If parents can teach their children how to build a solid family network together, they will offer a legacy not only to their children, but one that can be passed through the generations.

  • adoptive dad

My First 9 Months as an Adoptive Dad

The title above could just as easily read “My First 9 Months as a Dad”. I don’t think of myself specifically as an adoptive dad — I am a dad — to a beautiful, curious, vibrant little nine-month-old baby.

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