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Dads4Kids is a harm prevention charity committed to excellence in fathering. Our vision is to transform the nation by inspiring fathers to help their children be the best they can be.There’s a crisis in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 870,000 children, more than 1 in 6, live without their biological father at home.

Anger Busters for Kids

If your child is angry, neither lashing out or bottling it up is a good idea. Here are eight great anger busters to help your child manage his or her emotions. Your child is yelling, slamming doors and having an all-out tantrum – but can he trust you with his anger? Punishing the behaviours associated with anger might be a quick fix, but without instruction, your child will lose out. National ...

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Anybody Can Be a Father, It Takes a Special Person To Be a Dad

In the Beginning My story really starts off no different than many of yours. I was born and raised in a small town in a two-parent household, the oldest of five children. I was surrounded by family, friends, and support my entire life. None of my friends were from divorced or separated families. None of my friends had a parent who died. I had no experience with these traumas and never ...

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Remaining the Parent Through Children’s Public Tantrums

Sometimes parents can feel a little helpless when anything they do makes their child’s tantrum worse. Below, Jess Mannion sheds light on how we can respond to kids' tantrums in her blog post titled, ‘Public Tantrums – How To Remain The Parent’. We have all been there. As our children get older, theoretically the tantrums get easier to deal with -- we can explain things more, empathise with how upset they ...

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Is Recovering from an Affair Possible?

What is worse than death of a partner in a relationship? For those who have been through it, finding your partner has cheated on you brings pain that can seem to be impossible to deal with. How will your relationship survive? How will you survive? What about the kids? In this blogpost and podcast, Phil will give you hope and a pathway forward that works. Help! My Partner Has Had An ...

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The Effective Stepfather: A Checklist to Live By

Anyone who has been a father and then a stepfather knows that they aren’t the same. While many aspects of these two roles are similar, it is the unique ones that lead to disillusionment. Franklin put it this way: “I’ve been to every Promise Keepers conference and I’ve studied fathering with my men’s group many times. But nothing has prepared me for being a stepfather. With my own kids I have a ...

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Homeschooling Tips: Advice from a Father Who Has Done it Before

I am asked repeatedly if I miss homeschooling my children. My answer is consistently a resounding, “no.” The only part of homeschooling I miss is the flexibility it afforded. We were able to travel the world and homeschool on the road. When we read a book, we could visit the city where the book took place. Since the coronavirus has pushed me back into the homeschool teacher seat, I thought I should share how I’m ...

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Family First Podcast

Editor's Note: Mark & Susan Merrill from Florida in the USA are an amazing couple who have some great resources. See the links below: The Family First Podcast is the podcast dedicated to providing truth-filled marriage and parenting advice that helps you love your family and others well. Our desire is that the podcast allows us to connect with you all on a deeper level, with richer content, and gives us ...

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A Tribute to You Dad

Dear Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, My father died last Sunday 4/3/07 of prostate cancer aged 69. I helped nurse him in last 5 days of his life, staying overnight in hospital with him one night. The pain and agony he suffered must have been excruciating. I am writing this article for two reasons. The first is to urge all men to get themselves regularly checked for prostate cancer (my Dad's cancer was ...

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Right Here Waiting

Cup in hand, deep in thought, It's like this every day. And it twists my heart I know But there is no other way. I dream of you, there's nothing else, No picture I can see. To see your smiles and how you've grown Or how much of you is me. To hold you close, to hear you laugh, To put you to bed at night. To tell you things a ...

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Altruistic Love of a Father

It is nearly forty years ago since the first known father, an Australian, applied for legal custody of a baby girl and was subsequently granted legal custody of his baby daughter by the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Though this father was granted legal custody of his baby daughter by the Supreme Court of New South Wales, the Department of Community Welfare and the Department of Social Security of the ...

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