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  • baby milestones - running

Off and Running!

The lesson we learnt is not to worry too much about our child’s milestones, especially if they’re within the broad, acceptable ranges. Every child is different and might bring their various skills together at odd times and in odd combinations.

  • Dig IT

Dig IT: Smashing Fun

My toddler son loves diggers, or excavators. He can spend hours watching a digger at work, piling earth into a dump truck. So when I saw there was a discount for Dig IT at Mount Tamborine, a mini excavator park for children in the Gold Coast Hinterlands, I pounced on it.

  • Baby’s First Year

Four Things I’ve Learnt in My Baby’s First Year

Being the father of a toddler came at me fast. Before the next big phase arrives, it’s time to slow down and reflect on four simple things I have learnt during Squish’s first year about some parenting basics.

  • argument - pride vs humility - winning or losing

When I am Winning, WE are Usually Losing

Pride is profoundly I-centred. It defends our threatened ego by diminishing the other and consequently puts distance between us. Humility is the foundation of harmony and love between husband and wife. It helps us get the focus off winning and onto each other.

  • public transport

Taking Your Baby on Public Transport

I remember the feeling of accomplishment when I successfully managed my first bus trip with my newborn all by myself. With an infant, the mundane act of taking public transport transforms into a glorious adventure and holds a multitude of teachable opportunities.

  • Dadly Dads

Dadly Dads, Parents of the 21st Century

Ten years ago, Hogan Hilling and Austin Dowd began collecting passionate, tender photos and eloquent, heartfelt comments from a diverse group of fathers from around the world. "Dadly Dads" showcases the good nature, wisdom and value of men in the lives of their children.

  • family at playground

Playground Capers

Now that I have two toddlers, we spend many happy hours in playgrounds. Here in Brisbane, we are spoilt for choice. There are various new features which surpass the playgrounds of yore.

  • memory

Memory Keepers

The other day I woke up to my daughters printing out digital photos and carefully compiling them into a photo album. I was inspired! The best part was that we enjoyed some precious time travelling down memory lane, reminiscing together.

  • single dads

5 Things Single Dads Should Do Consistently

Dads, let’s look at positive habits we can pursue — 5 things to do that will help us be more affirming and encouraging for our kids and more peaceful with our exes and others.

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