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  • Manliness – What Women Want in a Man

    “As iron sharpens iron so does the face of a man’s friend,” is a saying from the book of Proverbs. It really sums up the mysterious masculine healing power that is released ...

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  • Celebrating Australia Day and Honouring Our Indigenous Brothers Who Fought for Australia

    We as fathers need to pass on our love for Australia to our children. If we do not, who will? I am not talking about some sort of jingoistic conceit for our ...

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  • Fathers Matter

    This week I would like to share an abbreviated article by former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia John Anderson, published in The Australian: “Black lives matter, but dads should matter first”. John’s ...

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  • Spiritual Fathers

    I can still hear the sound of the prison doors clanking shut as we wheeled the last road case into Kalgoorlie Gaol. It was an eerie sound, and one we were not ...

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