Message to Mothers

Welcome to the Mothers’ section of the Dads4Kids website. As a busy mother of five children, and now a grandmother to nine, I know what it is to face the many challenges of motherhood. Nothing can quite prepare you for the experience, but it certainly helps a lot if you have mentors. We at would like to be part of your mentoring system. We would like you to use us as a resource to help you mother your wonderful children.

When my husband and I founded the Fatherhood Foundation/Dads4Kids in 2002, we were responding to the lack of fatherhood resources available for men. One of the ways we can help you as a mother is to encourage the father of your children to be a better dad. Ask him if he would like to receive it, and then register him by clicking here.

In our research, we discovered that fatherhood absence has been proven to be associated with increased levels of:

  • Poverty
  • Lower educational performance
  • Higher criminality
  • Drug use
  • Sexual problems
  • Mental health problems
  • Sexual abuse
  • Higher rates of physical abuse

With the increased financial pressure on mothers to be absent from the home, we suspect that there will be a trend away from loving, protective involvement from mothers as children spend more time in day care. Dare we suspect that motherhood absence may also cause many of the above problems?

A search of the net surprised us. Where are all the sites promoting motherhood that we presumed were to be found? Any subject about facets of mothering can be found, but the essence of encouraging mothers to connect with their children, nurturing and encouraging them as they grow, seems to be absent.

This is our humble attempt to encourage mothers in the high calling that comes with bringing a child into the world. We have special abilities to give birth to a child, we also have special abilities in their nurture. Let’s discover them together.

Alison Marsh









Alison Marsh