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My Son is Ten Weeks Old — He’ll Be Prime Minister Someday

Editor's Note: This story is so lovely, we can't help but run it again. Feel free to send in your own stories of those early days! ~~~ It’s hard to believe so much time has passed. My son, Seth, is now ten weeks old, and so intelligent he’s bound to make a future Prime Minister. (Not that I’m biased!) Recently, I reflected on my experiences during Seth’s birth. A heap has ...

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My Baby Son – A Father’s Day Present from Heaven

It was 12:00am on Sunday, the 1st of September -- Father’s Day, to be precise. There I was, frantically gathering clothes and bits 'n' pieces according to my wife’s somewhat disjointed instruction.  She was roaming about the house with a hot wheat sack across her rather overgrown abdomen. I couldn’t believe it. Had the moment finally arrived? After nine -- closer to ten long months, was I finally going to be ...

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Ask Your Children

Why does it seem so hard sometimes to have peace in the house? I have struggled many times over this. We pray every day, try to organise the day and set the course -- that is, we the parents. As a father, the head of the household, I should be steering the ship on the course I think we are going -- why do we hit so many rocks? We used ...

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The Most Beautiful Woman in the World – the Art of Eternal Love

Keeping the flame of love alive in your marriage through the years, is the best gift you can give your children -- a daily example of how to cherish their mother, no matter what life brings. “It will never happen to me”; “No way -- too much fun to have”; “Hey boys, did you hear about Johnno getting hitched? (cue gasps of shock and unbelief)… he’s mad.” Who can remember as ...

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How to Win Gold in the Fatherhood Routine Regatta

Who remembers the days of youthful enthusiasm, going to the gym with your mates, endless levels of energy bursting at the seams? Perhaps for the fortunate ones, those days still abound. I recall as a young teenager heading off to the gym, board shorts and singlet -- the singlet was a pre-requisite: showed off the muscle definition (or lack thereof in my case) -- and water bottle in hand, ready for ...

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The Art of Fathering – Butterfly Kisses

Remember when that song first came out, Butterfly Kisses -- the one about the father watching his daughter growing up? How soon the days, the months, and the years go by. My daughter is approaching 10 years old (going on 19). It seems just like yesterday I was kissing my daughter goodbye on her first day of kindergarten. My baby girl is growing up, and I don’t like it! Independence One ...

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Less is More

We may become overwhelmed by our family responsibilities and job expectations. Recall the adage that less is more, and prioritise your main role, in which you cannot be replaced. “You can’t have it all,” used to be a saying to describe women juggling careers and motherhood. Mothers are caught in the conundrum of trying to be present for their children while having a successful career, all at the same time. It ...

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What Guide Dog Training Taught Me About Raising Kids – Part 4: Distractions

It takes discipline to resist the lure of constant distractions, but it is possible to build good habits in both pups and children which help them stay on track. In this edition of what Guide Puppy Raising taught me about raising kids, our third pup definitely excelled -- in the wrong way. This wonderful pup’s name was Scooter and he was a fun-loving black Labrador. Scooter was a bundle of energy ...

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‘Top Gun – Maverick’ is Action-Based “Dad Cinema” At Its Very Best

Top Gun: Maverick is smashing box offices, and it’s easy to understand why. The film is spectacularly outpacing its weak-because-they’re-woke counterparts, because the film’s unapologetic dad themes resonate. Alongside the gutsy F-18 camera shots, audiences are in love with the Tom Cruise/Joseph Kosinski sequel because its father-son backstory hits home. Even the, “it’s all flag-waving, MAGA propagandist tripe” critics are applauding the sequel for keeping to the consistency of the first film’s ...

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American NFL Coach Tells Dads: Fathering is Not a Spectator Sport

Retired NFL head coach and African-American hall of famer Tony Dungy wants dads kicking dad-goals into the endzone. The 66-year-old author, father of 11 children, and NBC gridiron analyst is also the co-founder of All Pro Dad, a non-profit branch of pro-marriage outreach Family First. In his 2016 hall-of-fame acceptance speech, Dungy (pronounced: Dun-gee) credited his head coach, the late Denny Green, for some of his ‘All Pro Dad’ skills. All-Round ...

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