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Are We Outliving Marriage?

We’ve heard it said many times – you probably have as well – it goes like this: “People live so much longer these days, it’s unreasonable to expect a marriage to last all their life.” Is it true?

  • What Was It All For?

What Was It All For?

My father returned from the war with ten quid in his pocket. He’d been flying Spitfires and Hurricanes over Europe and later in Burma. He was invalided out, worn out by what he’d seen and done.

  • marrying young

‘To Have and to Hold’: Marrying Young and Making It Last

It’s commonly accepted today that first marriages have a greater success rate when delayed. If we dig a bit deeper, however, we find this conventional wisdom regarding delayed marrying has its flaws. Certain factors are at play in the success of all marriages.

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Masculine Men Are Women’s Unsung Heroes

Masculine men are the very thing we need — now more than ever in the battle of traditionalism versus progressivism. Though the media has attacked the vital value of gender itself, we know they’re wrong. We know male and female is how we’re made.

  • relationship repair

Two Sides to Relationship Repair

Couples who go the distance in marriage are those who have learnt to repair early and often. They still have disagreements, tiffs, and other challenges to their connection, but they catch it before it escalates.

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For Marriage and Country

Marriages are always stronger when a couple are looking forward to building a better future together by learning from their mistakes, rather than backward-looking and focused on the past failings of the other.

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Resurrecting Our Marriages

Easter Sunday – the high point of the Christian calendar celebrating Christ’s resurrection from the dead. What does this day, this event, have to teach us as married couples?

  • intimacy

Hear Me, Touch Me, Know Me

In any relationship, especially in marriage, its strength and quality can be measured by the depth and sincerity of the intimacy we share. For any couple to have sustained and vibrant intimacy, one that increases in depth and meaning, proactive investment is required.

  • kiss

Kiss to Connect

One way that couples can actively build connection and re-establish the excitement of sexual anticipation is through the ‘Connect Kiss’. This simple practice takes a mere 20 seconds a day: ten in the morning and ten in the evening.

  • expectations / criticism

Criticism: The Not-So-Silent Killer

Criticism kills. It crushes self-confidence and poisons the trust between us. It also smothers self-growth by directing our energies to the wrong thing – what the other did or said, rather than our internal reaction.

  • hearts

Defending Our Hearts

Defensiveness is a self-protective response to a perceived judgement, criticism, rejection, or risk of future disappointment. While it is a natural reaction, ironically, it rarely protects our hearts.

  • marriage - soul mate

Keeping Our Eyes on What Matters

Every engaged couple needs to discern their own path. Downsize, divide, delay, or go deluxe – whatever path they decide in this era of uncertainty, the vows they make on their wedding day will be one thing that stays the same.

  • quality time

Be My Valen-time!

Modern relationships are plagued by busyness. And when our relationship is neglected, we often end up arguing during the little time we do spend together. With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s the perfect opportunity to give the gift of time.

  • resolutions

Resolutions to Have and to Hold

Inherent to the New Year resolution is the idea of becoming a better person. No sane person aspires to drink more or learn how to smoke as a New Year goal. Yet, so many of us fail to create the permanent change in ourselves that we seek. Why is that?

  • closing the gap on marital distancing

Closing the Gap on Marital Distancing

Why then, when we were in lockdown and spending so much more time together at home, were we not seeing improvements in our marital outcomes? We have a couple of theories...  

  • bids for connection

Bids for Connection

Bids for Connection can include doing a task the other will appreciate but not expect, a word of affirmation or appreciation. They are simple gestures that are an invitation to move forward together.

  • fire

Marriage on Fire

Every marriage, ours included, has ‘bad fire seasons’. It’s inevitable; when two people commit their lives to each other and then get busy, tired and stressed, we can only expect trouble.

  • social skills

It’s All About Me… Not!

Good social skills teach us to be other-focussed in our conversation and to be attentive to cues from the other about whether we are engaging their interest.

  • New Year resolutions

Make Some New Year Resolutions

One of the most important resolutions we can make is to give our marriages and relationships higher priority. The most vital and satisfying marriages are intentional. They don’t leave their relationship to chance, but actively foster habits which deepen their intimacy.

  • positive couple

For Better is Important Too

Optimistic couples have learnt that passion and joy in marriage is not always spontaneous but it can be, and needs to be, cultivated. Our hearts long for companionship in both the sorrows and joys of our lives.

  • change - loving marriage

Three Keys to a Successful Marriage

Staying married requires a life-long commitment to keep learning. It seems to me that once you think you know it all, you will find you know nothing. Humility is the prerequisite for growth as a person. The same is true for your marriage.

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