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  • outdoors

Parenting and the Outdoors

I am convinced that a love of the outdoors is innate in every child. It doesn’t need to be taught, but if it isn’t nurtured, it can fade fast and be crowded out by all of the artificial environments we have created in the modern world.

  • marriage

Are We Outliving Marriage?

We’ve heard it said many times – you probably have as well – it goes like this: “People live so much longer these days, it’s unreasonable to expect a marriage to last all their life.” Is it true?

  • manhood / masculinity

Masculinity is Not Toxic

Our forefathers would roll in their graves (and they’d roll their eyes too if they could) if they knew some 21st-century Westerners put ‘toxic’ and ‘masculinity’ in the same sentence. The truth is that healthy masculinity is a marvellous force for good.

  • nurturing

Nurturing Becomes the Man

Even if nurturing wasn’t a strength for your dad, you can learn from others, and pass it on to your kids. Men do feel, and we do nurture. Let’s just do it… now! With our arms, words, eyes and ears, we can give our kids the physical and verbal affirmation that lasts a lifetime.

  • men

Aussie Men Are Good, Not ‘Toxic’

The fact is that the data simply doesn't support the narrative being pushed by the left-wing media, bureaucrats and activists: that the problem of intimate partner homicide is getting worse, or that all men are somehow to blame, or that Australia has any kind of toxic male cultural problem.

  • cuteness

Your Baby’s Cuteness is a Scientific Fact

Lorenz suggested that a baby’s cute features trigger a nurturing response in adults, encouraging them to care for and protect them. Research has confirmed Lorenz’s theory many times over in the decades since.

  • love bank

The Love Bank

The concept of a Love Bank was first developed by best-selling author Dr Willard Harley in 1986. Put simply, it is how we keep track of the way each person treats us. When it comes to being excellent fathers for our children, The Love Bank is a very useful concept.

  • marrying young

‘To Have and to Hold’: Marrying Young and Making It Last

It’s commonly accepted today that first marriages have a greater success rate when delayed. If we dig a bit deeper, however, we find this conventional wisdom regarding delayed marrying has its flaws. Certain factors are at play in the success of all marriages.

  • separated dads

Parenting Tips for Separated Dads

All dads want to be the best father they can. But it can be tough to know how to do this after separation. Here, Mensline Australia offers some parenting tips on how to be positive around your kids while dealing with your own stuff, like anger, sadness and loneliness.

  • new dads

Growing into the Role: New Dads and Brain Research

Scans actually showed significant biological differences in the dads’ brains as they grew into the role of fathering their infants. We can be the fathers our children need, and at just the right time. That should give us confidence and a sense of purpose as dads.

  • school success

Dad Time Improves School Success

A new study from Leeds University in the UK reveals that fathers engaging in interactive activities with their children, such as reading and playing, significantly improve their kids’ primary school performance.

  • involved

Zero to Three Advice for Fathers – Get Involved

Children with dads who are involved in their upbringing tend to do better socially, emotionally, and academically than kids with uninvolved fathers. Research also shows kids with involved dads tend to be more confident.

  • smoking

Strategies to Help Smoking Mothers Quit

Smoke-free spaces will help to ensure a more rapid decline in female smoking rates, with flow-on effects for rates of maternal smoking, promoting the health of mothers and their unborn babies.

  • purpose

What Is Your Purpose as a Father?

The gift of having a sense of purpose is that it reminds us of the future we want for our children, and it shows us how we can work toward that future today.

  • secure attachment

From the Beginning: Secure Attachment

Babies who have a secure relationship with their father use more coping tactics to entertain themselves during times of separation from parents than other infants who were not securely attached to their father.

  • fail

Ten Reasons Why We Fail

Here are ten reflections on falling short of a desired outcome. More precisely, why we fail despite ourselves or our best intentions.

  • music

Music Training Speeds Up Brain Development in Children

by Assal Habibi  Observing a pianist at a recital – converting musical notations into precisely timed finger movements on a piano – can be a powerful emotional experience. As a researcher of neuroscience and a pianist myself, I understand that the mastering of this skill not only takes practice, but also requires complex coordination of many different brain regions. Brain ...

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