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  • Wild at Heart

    Every year the team at Dads4Kids takes a bunch of dads and their children on our annual Dads4Kids Fun Camp. This yearly adventure is also part of our local Good to Great ...

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  • I wanted to Kill Him (Fatherlessness on Steroids)

    The first words the caller said after I picked up the phone were, “I wanted to kill him!” “Kill who?” I stammered. “Kill my father,” he said emphatically. Before I tell you ...

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  • The Search for Warriors

    Dads4Kids has a big goal. The Dads4Kids Board and the team at Dads4Kids want to turn the tide of fatherlessness in our nation. Tonight over a million Australian children will go to ...

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  • Life-Long Learners

    It’s hard to hold back the tears when a man starts being really honest and speaking from his heart. This is especially the case when that same man has just finished the ...

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