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  • A Fathering 101 Crash Course

    If there was a crash course in what every father needs to know, that could be crushed into just 30 minutes, what would it look like? Probably pretty close to what former ...

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  • Dad-life is a Verb

    Dad-life involves both being and doing. In a word, fatherhood is a vocation. The Latin equivalent is vocare -- “to call.” Dad-life is therefore a “calling.” It’s much more than just another ...

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  • Being a Father in a Child’s World

    Today, Chris and Guy answer the question: what is really involved in being a father in a child’s world? Episode #31 of Real Talk 4 Real Men. When you became a daddy, ...

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  • How to Cope with Change – Part 5

    At last, the tools to help you cope with change. Get them here in this feature-rich podcast: part 5 of Thrive Through Change. Do you struggle to cope with change? Are you ...

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