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  • On Having the Perfect Plan for Your Children

    God's wisdom and plans are greater than ours. It is tempting to chart our children's lives for them, but even better is when we let God take the wheel – directing our ...

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  • An Open Letter to Kids Church Leaders

    An open letter to kids church leaders: you are doing more for our children than you realise. Praise God for your ministry! For 15 years, I’ve served in kids church or children's ...

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  • To Flee or to Flight – How Does A Christian Man Decide?

    When persecution or injustice comes your way, how do you decide whether to turn the other cheek or to take a stand? If you have come to this post because of Israel ...

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  • Your Identity: You’re Not What You Think You Are

    The question of identity -- who am I? -- is a huge one in society today. When everything is stripped away, what makes us, us? I went to a retreat once where ...

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