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  • cuteness

Your Baby’s Cuteness is a Scientific Fact

Lorenz suggested that a baby’s cute features trigger a nurturing response in adults, encouraging them to care for and protect them. Research has confirmed Lorenz’s theory many times over in the decades since.

  • love and let go

Love and Let Go

Do you already have the “perfect” plan designed for your children’s lives? As mothers, I believe this is a particularly difficult area to manoeuvre. Wanting the very best for our children, we can get our hearts set on the best preschool to the best college.

  • marrying young

‘To Have and to Hold’: Marrying Young and Making It Last

It’s commonly accepted today that first marriages have a greater success rate when delayed. If we dig a bit deeper, however, we find this conventional wisdom regarding delayed marrying has its flaws. Certain factors are at play in the success of all marriages.

  • Nat and daughters with Colin Buchanan - Stick Together

Stick Together

Australian singer-songwriter Colin Buchanan is a national living treasure. My family and I are BIG Colin Buchanan fans! So when I logged into Spotify the other week and saw Colin had released a new song, "Stick Together", I immediately had a listen.

  • adoptive dad

My First 9 Months as an Adoptive Dad

The title above could just as easily read “My First 9 Months as a Dad”. I don’t think of myself specifically as an adoptive dad — I am a dad — to a beautiful, curious, vibrant little nine-month-old baby.

  • marriage

Resurrecting Our Marriages

Easter Sunday – the high point of the Christian calendar celebrating Christ’s resurrection from the dead. What does this day, this event, have to teach us as married couples?

  • Good Friday

Why Do They Call It Good Friday?

At Dads4Kids, we’re all about inspiring fathers, but easily, the best way to be inspired is by following Jesus and making him the Lord (King) of your life. After all, how can we expect to be the best fathers we can be if we don’t know the ultimate father, our Father in heaven?

  • red pill vs cross

Reject the ‘Red Pill’ — Carry Your Cross

Real manhood is not to be found in the Red Pill, nor is the manosphere’s response to the cancer of feminism the right one. Real manhood is to be found in taking up your cross and following Christ, even if it means following Him to death.

  • Squish

Introducing Squish! Her Real Name Is…

Since August last year, I have been writing a series called ‘The Adventures of Squish’ about our adopted baby. For legal reasons, my wife Angie and I were unable to make our baby’s real name public until the adoption was finalised.

  • marriage - soul mate

Keeping Our Eyes on What Matters

Every engaged couple needs to discern their own path. Downsize, divide, delay, or go deluxe – whatever path they decide in this era of uncertainty, the vows they make on their wedding day will be one thing that stays the same.

  • unplanned

No Such Thing As Unplanned

Listening to ‘Unplanned’ made my wife and I deeply grateful for Squish, and deeply grateful to her birth mother and father for staring down every challenge they faced to give this beautiful baby the gift of life.

  • the good life

Modelling the Good Life for Your Baby

It has dawned on me in recent weeks that the time to model “the good life” for Squish is not when she starts talking or begins school or reaches adolescence — but today.

  • resolutions

Resolutions to Have and to Hold

Inherent to the New Year resolution is the idea of becoming a better person. No sane person aspires to drink more or learn how to smoke as a New Year goal. Yet, so many of us fail to create the permanent change in ourselves that we seek. Why is that?

  • solids

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

It has officially begun: Squish is eating solids. Watching her navigate her first few mouthfuls of food, after months of a milk-only diet, was predictably entertaining.

  • family court

Family Law Court: Trial by Fire

Due to the inaction of the Family Court in enforcing court orders and punishing contravention of court orders, they have aided the parental alienation and psychological abuse which my sons are experiencing from their mother.

  • New Year

A New Year Offers New Opportunities

Dads4Kids continues to go from strength to strength, and we have some exciting things in store for 2024. Bookings for our next Courageous Online Fathering Course, which has been life-changing for so many dads, are open.

  • Christmas

A Very Squishy Christmas

Singing these two carols to Squish has helped me think about Christmas through the eyes of a child for the first time in decades. And it’s a beautiful thing.

  • blessing

5 Ways Children Are a Blessing

There’s no doubt that being a dad is hard. But it’s also true that the best parts of this life often require struggles equal to the joy they bring. The reality is, even those struggles shape us in beautiful ways. Here are five ways children are a blessing.

  • Advent

Confessions of an Advent Failure

When it comes to nourishing our relationships, doing more is often exactly the wrong thing. Sometimes we need to do less, to retreat so as to advance.

  • Christmas music

The Gift of Music

Dads, if you can, do your best to choose the positive for your kids. Lead them, in love, towards the Light. Seek out the better way, and hopefully, you might even discover some great music on the journey.

  • contempt

Displacing Contempt with Respect

Contempt has been identified as a corrosive relationship pattern among couples headed for bust. An expression of despisal, contempt is the toxic cousin to criticism.

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