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  • dead man walking

Three Keys to Keep You Alive If You Feel Like a Dead Man Walking

Sadly, the truth is we are surrounded by millions and millions of Dead Men Walking. These men are in solitary confinement. They're trapped in a cell in their mind and in their emotions and in their circumstances. Friends, we have got to do something to stop this slide.

  • divorced dads

Divorced Dads: Choose Your Battles Wisely

The first question we must ask ourselves when considering the fight for our rights as fathers is, How will it impact our children? What price will they pay? Divorces take a big enough toll on them.

  • false allegations

False Allegations are a Global Threat to Justice and to Real Victims

In most countries, the majority said the false accuser was female and the accused person was male. Alarmingly, about one-third reported the false allegations were weaponised in child custody disputes. To help raise awareness, International Falsely Accused Day is held on 9 September.

  • manhood / masculinity

Masculinity is Not Toxic

Our forefathers would roll in their graves (and they’d roll their eyes too if they could) if they knew some 21st-century Westerners put ‘toxic’ and ‘masculinity’ in the same sentence. The truth is that healthy masculinity is a marvellous force for good.

  • men

Aussie Men Are Good, Not ‘Toxic’

The fact is that the data simply doesn't support the narrative being pushed by the left-wing media, bureaucrats and activists: that the problem of intimate partner homicide is getting worse, or that all men are somehow to blame, or that Australia has any kind of toxic male cultural problem.

  • locked up

Locked Up Without a Trial

The price we pay for knee-jerk responses to a very complex issue is that thousands of, both legally and factually innocent, men are locked up in jails across the country.

  • Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference 2024

Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference

Equality before the law no longer exists in Australia. The presumption of innocence has been tossed aside – totally discarded by our biased media and undermined by regular legislative tampering with basic principles of justice.

  • prosecutor

Chief Prosecutor Surrenders

For all the judges’ talk about unmeritorious cases unlikely to convince a jury, the fact is that many of our juries are sending innocent men to prison — even when the evidence doesn’t stack up.

  • workplace

Feminism’s Workplace Gulags

Workplace sexual harassment morphs into a far larger animal requiring workplaces to promote “substantive equality between men and women” — feminist code for discrimination against men.

  • sippy cup

I Failed the Sippy Cup Test – and That’s a Good Thing!

After two decades of caring for other people’s children, Emma believes she can sum up the problem with modern parents with one simple test: Pour your child’s milk into a pink sippy cup. If they declare, ‘But I wanted the blue one!’, what do you do?

  • other men

Children That Belong to Other Men

I don’t think God’s plan stipulated that children were supposed to live apart from their fathers – but this is what’s happening all over the world. So, I wrote a poem that I hope will raise awareness of this injustice, that I hope will make a change.

  • family court

Family Law Court: Trial by Fire

Due to the inaction of the Family Court in enforcing court orders and punishing contravention of court orders, they have aided the parental alienation and psychological abuse which my sons are experiencing from their mother.

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