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  • Celebrating Fatherhood this Fathers Day for all the Right Reasons

    I know many men who feel uncomfortable with the attention that they get on Father’s Day. I guess for many years as a father, I was one of those. I was very ...

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  • Fathers as Love Leaders

    You may wonder why I am so committed to encouraging you to be the best father you can be for your children.  I could say that it’s the mountains of sociological studies ...

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  • Happy Families, Healthy Economy

    Last week I got a phone call from Mary-Louise Fowler, the coordinator of the World Congress of Families VII (WCF). She said with a worried voice, “We are in danger of losing some of ...

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  • Christmas – A Lonely Time for Single Dads

    The Attorney General has released a discussion paper on Family Law Reform. Take the time, read it and put a submission in to: Think about parallel parenting. Why can't it work here? ...

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