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  • Jane Marczewski - thankful

Voice of Thanks – Simon Cowell Moved to Tears on America’s Got Talent

Gratitude now has a voice. We as fathers need to be encouraged to be thankful, so we can encourage our children to be the same. Thankful people are happy people. Thankful families are happy families. I even try to teach this to myself, but some things are better caught than ...

  • stress

How to Deal with Stress – Thrive Through Change Part 3

Change is stressful, so we all need tips on how to deal with change. Real Talk 4 Real Men episode 56. Change brings on stress, and so in part 3 of Thrive Through Change, we dedicate an entire episode on how to deal with stress. We all know that when ...

  • fathers

Are Fathers Necessary?

You might remember the fantastic Prager University “Make Men Masculine Again” video that we featured in our weekly Dads4Kids newsletter in 2018. It now has over 10 million views. Recently, Dennis Prager from Prager University put out a powerful video called "Are Fathers Necessary?"  Sadly, it will most likely be ...

  • life change

Thrive Through Change (Part 2)

Are you making slow progress managing change? Not sure what to do next? Low confidence in your ability to make the right decision? … help is here. Managing change, especially managing personal change, can be like heading into a high-grade river rapid. The transition is filled with a combination of ...

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  • white water - change

13 Principles to Thriving Through Life Change – Part 1

Going through a life transition is like going from smooth water to white-water. Find out how to stay afloat… Ever gone rafting or kayaking and experienced the change from flat calm water to raging rapids? The calm disappears and you enter into a mix of chaos and adventure. Life transitions ...

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Matthew McConaughey — Raising Resilient Children

What is the secret to raising resilient children? Matthew McConaughey is an extremely popular American actor and producer who has a story to tell about raising resilient children. His new book, a memoir called Greenlights, which includes some of these stories, is selling well. McConaughey has received many awards, including ...

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  • stepfather

The Effective Stepfather: A Checklist to Live By

Anyone who has been a father and then a stepfather knows that they aren’t the same. While many aspects of these two roles are similar, it is the unique ones that lead to disillusionment. Franklin put it this way: “I’ve been to every Promise Keepers conference and I’ve studied fathering ...

  • homeschooling

Homeschooling Tips: Advice from a Father Who Has Done it Before

I am asked repeatedly if I miss homeschooling my children. My answer is consistently a resounding, “no.” The only part of homeschooling I miss is the flexibility it afforded. We were able to travel the world and homeschool on the road. When we read a book, we could visit the city where the book ...

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How to Raise Happy Kids

Mahatma Gandhi said, "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." Eric Barker, it would seem, has been inspired by Gandhi’s wisdom in his science-based article called, “How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science.”  Eric Barker is the creator ...

  • Dads in Distress

What Dads In Distress Does

Dads in Distress hold weekly meetings to enable fathers who are affected by relationship and custody issues to come together in an atmosphere geared toward practical support, progress and healing. We don't denigrate woman at our meetings, in fact we encourage men to look in the mirror to understand what ...

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  • family first

Family First Podcast

Editor's Note: Mark & Susan Merrill from Florida in the USA are an amazing couple who have some great resources. See the links below: The Family First Podcast is the podcast dedicated to providing truth-filled marriage and parenting advice that helps you love your family and others well. Our desire ...

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  • digital technology

Seven Dangers of the Digital World & Seven Ways Dads Can Overcome Them

Yesterday I heard a disturbing story. My friend rang me to share how his son had recently gone through a very sad divorce. He shared with his Dad how the unreality of the digital world, that many young people live in today, was a major contributor to his divorce and ...

  • Dads in Distress

How Dads In Distress began

The DIDs story, Part 1. My name is Tony Miller, and I am the founder and national coordinator of a group called Dads in Distress, a dedicated support group of men whose immediate concern is to stem the present trend of male suicide due to the trauma of divorce or ...

Bring Back the Men

Today is Anzac Day, 25th April. The most holy day in the Australian calendar. It is a day when we remember the men who gave their lives for us all, that we might walk in freedom. Dawn Remembrance Services are held across the nation.  This phrase from the Bible is ...

  • fatherless boys to men

Dads Who Dare Win

Ian Grant, the author of Fathers Who Dare Win, is a world-recognised speaker and founder of New Zealand’s Parents Inc. He is and has been a ground-breaking pioneer in the International Men’s movement To give you further food for thought, I have reprinted below Ian Grant’s hard-hitting article called “Let’s ...

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  • Yes Day

YES Day — A Family Comedy With a Message for All

“Yes Day — you have to see it, Warwick,” he said with unbridled enthusiasm. “It is a great family movie that every family should watch!” His strong recommendation really caught my interest. For one thing, he is married but has no children. Secondly, my friend is a very switched-on, media-savvy ...

  • Easter bunny

Faith, Chocolate and the Easter Bunny

I can remember as a young 7-year-old boy going to an Easter Egg-rolling Competition in Scotland. You are probably thinking — what is an Easter egg-rolling competition? Good question! Easter egg-rolling seems to have Viking and Nordic roots. It is a custom in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland and the northern ...

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