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  • legacy

Leaving a Legacy as a Single Father

Just because your circumstances have changed doesn’t mean you can’t still leave a strong legacy to your children. In fact, you may have an even greater opportunity now. Adversity, if approached right, can reap great rewards.

  • workplace

Feminism’s Workplace Gulags

Workplace sexual harassment morphs into a far larger animal requiring workplaces to promote “substantive equality between men and women” — feminist code for discrimination against men.

  • Single Dad Magic

Single Dad Magic — My Journey, My Mistakes and My Triumphs

As disheartened as I often was, I leaned on my loved ones and kept on fighting because time is of the essence in your son or daughter’s youth, and I didn’t want to sacrifice a single moment. I never lost sight of becoming the best father I could be.

  • other men

Children That Belong to Other Men

I don’t think God’s plan stipulated that children were supposed to live apart from their fathers – but this is what’s happening all over the world. So, I wrote a poem that I hope will raise awareness of this injustice, that I hope will make a change.

  • family court

Family Law Court: Trial by Fire

Due to the inaction of the Family Court in enforcing court orders and punishing contravention of court orders, they have aided the parental alienation and psychological abuse which my sons are experiencing from their mother.

  • Santa Claus at Christmas

The Plight Before Christmas

I can appreciate Mrs Claus’ argument that her ex put the business ahead of family, especially with his patterned history of disappearing on Christmas Eve, right as the in-laws were due to visit for their own family celebrations.

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