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  • What Dads In Distress Does

    Dads in Distress hold weekly meetings to enable fathers who are affected by relationship and custody issues to come together in an atmosphere geared toward practical support, progress and healing. We don't ...

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  • How Dads In Distress began

    The DIDs story, Part 1. My name is Tony Miller, and I am the founder and national coordinator of a group called Dads in Distress, a dedicated support group of men whose ...

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  • Your Best Year Yet

    Dads4Kids often gets heartbreaking calls from single dads who have been shut out of their children’s lives in the process of family breakup. We have advocated at a parliamentary level for a ...

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  • Children First

    Crystal's mother and father had broken up a few months ago and had moved from the family home, each going their own way. The family home was put up for sale. One ...

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