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  • Involved Fathers Are Indispensable

    The role that involved fathers play is vital. The opposite is also true: uninvolved fathers can cause significant wounds. But even these wounds can be redeemed to help others. “An engaged and ...

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  • ‘Dads on Duty’ Deploys Dads in Schools to End Gang Violence

    American fathers have launched a new initiative in schools that provides a powerful reminder of the important role dads play in the lives of their children – and the community. To tackle ...

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  • Toileting Your Kids: My Most Embarrassing Toilet Story Ever!

    Whether you're toilet training your kids or just trying to survive an outing to the shopping mall, we all have an embarrassing toilet story to tell! We all have embarrassing stories we’d ...

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  • Anybody Can Be a Father, It Takes a Special Person To Be a Dad

    In the Beginning My story really starts off no different than many of yours. I was born and raised in a small town in a two-parent household, the oldest of five children. ...

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