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  • How To Be A Better Dad Today

    The life story of Professor Gregory W. Slayton is a story that is hard to believe. It is the story of how rejection turned into acceptance and led to the creation of ...

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  • Time Margins End the Marginalisation of Men From Families

    Margin is a term entrenched in the financial world. Margin trading. Stock margin. Profit margin -- the examples are vast. In situ, it means the sum total between a ‘product or service's selling ...

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  • Through My Child’s Eyes

    Listen to author Annette Spurr’s interview with Focus on the Family Australia here. ‘While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.’ ...

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  • Life Reset: Getting On With Life After It’s Fallen Apart

    When you are faced with the failure of much of what you believed about life and yourself, where do you turn? Can you reset your life? How do you begin? What do ...

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