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Five Keys to Creating Margin in Your Overloaded Life

Our culture pressures us to keep working and consuming. It takes a conscious effort to step back, take a breather and re-prioritise, but doing so is really worth it for good health and peace of mind. “We have more 'things per person' than any other nation in history. Closets are full, storage space is used up, and cars can't fit into garages, having first imprisoned us with debt. Possessions then take ...

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8 Keys to Live through Divorce & Separation – A Layman’s Survival Guide

As someone who has been through the very difficult travails of divorce and undertaken various versions of shared care over the past 15 years, I understand all too well the confusion, stress and sadness these difficult travails bring with them. I have, however, learned a few things along the way that I hope might be of benefit to those fellow travellers who are about to, or are, experiencing similar life experiences. ...

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The Best Me I Can Be

All right, all right… I admit it… I’m a perfectionist. I take pride in a job well done. I’m a mum, I’m a wife, I’m a worker, a house cleaner, a seamstress, a medic, a teacher -- the list is a mile long. And somewhere in amongst all of these roles, I need to find the one that magically helps me to find balance… and then I need to excel at ...

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One of Those Days

It started with an alarm I forgot to set the night before. That meant I was awoken unceremoniously by my little boy precisely half an hour late. Of course, this was the day I had a 9 am deadline and an 8.45 am start at playgroup (where I help set up). Flinging clothes in the general direction of two wriggling bodies, I managed to get the boys dressed between ‘computer stops,’ ...

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Three Ways to a Resilient Marriage

We’ve been hearing from many of our SmartLoving leaders around the world looking for help in supporting couples under stress. There’s certainly a lot of stress going around with pandemic-induced changes and uncertainty. It got us reflecting on marital resilience -- the ability of a relationship to endure and persevere through difficulties. There is quite a bit of information on personal resilience, and it’s a buzzword in education these days, but ...

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Stress Signals

Life is full of situations that cause stress! However, stress isn’t always a bad thing. It can be the motivation to get us moving -- to write that report, make the ballet costume, perform in the play or make that important speech, etc. But when you are constantly functioning with your foot on the stress pedal, your mind and body will eventually feel the effects. Stress Signals When we’re facing something ...

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Fit Mum, Healthy Mind

When you’re feeling low, exercise is often far from your imagination. But, if you can get yourself started -- maybe ask a friend, family member or your partner to join you, the benefits are amazing! Like: You’ll feel better about yourself. Meeting small goals along the way and watching your body become strong will surely give your self-confidence a terrific boost; Doing exercise can take your mind off the issues that ...

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Resilience of the Marital Kind

Married life, like your career, take effort and investment. For resilience in your marital relationship, don't expect your spouse to fulfil your every want; instead, learn to love them and grow with them through the ups and downs of life. A healthy and realistic perspective is the basis for a solid marriage. Let’s face it -- marriage can be a tough gig these days. Living in a culture that almost expects ...

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Cry for Help

Parenting is a wonderful but also very difficult enterprise. Make sure to take time out for yourself to rest and recuperate from the constant demands. Also, don't be afraid to seek professional support. Ask for help when you need it -- this will help you and your family flourish. Being a mum is the best job in the world! Nurturing and growing our precious offspring, watching with pride and humility as ...

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Expanding Your Capacity

When you are juggling family and work responsibilities at full capacity, is there still room for giving back to your community? Once a month, on a Sunday afternoon, we head out to our ‘connect group’ as part of our church. Connect Group is a group of families that meet together to hang out, talk about life, pray for each other and be a support to each other during a busy season ...

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