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Don’s life revolves around the many poetry circles in South Texas. His poems have been published in a hundred periodicals and broadcasted on TV and radio. Don has written news and reviews for various media and countless editorials about fatherhood. His political correspondence has prompted personal replies from George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and numerous other lawmakers. Find his work in the Daily Dad, the Good Men Project, and many other publications.
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Father’s Day Acrostic

Fathers are fun – and serious too! And you learn more from them than you do at school. Think of all the good times you've had. How would it be without your dad? Everything would be harder with no mentor for growth. Reflect on the man who loves you the most. Soon will come the day for you to fill his shoes. Do you think your dad would accept an excuse? ...

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A Father’s Beatitude

Blessed is the father who spends time with his child, for he shall reap a garden of remembrances. Blessed is the father who gives consolation to his child's minor misfortunes, for he will be called on for great things in life. Blessed is the father who is proud of his child, for he shall have a child who is proud of his father. Blessed is the father who imparts love, for ...

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30 July: International Day of Friendship

In 2011, Australia and dozens of other members of the United Nations designated July 30 as the International Day of Friendship. Their goal was to educate the public, to mobilise the political will to resolve global problems, and to celebrate the achievements of humanity. Friendship promotes peace, inspires happiness, and encourages unity. These are important among individuals as well as nations. A friend shows respect. A friend can show anger without ...

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Fighting for Peace

What can one do to fight for peace? Get out in the street, march with your feet. What can you do if you oppose war? Lay down your weapon and fight no more. And if your politician is filled with hate, vote for the other candidate. For we really do have a choice if we speak out and raise our voice The sword will fall before the pen if we stand ...

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International Firefighters’ Day: May 4

One of the reasons May 4 was selected as International Firefighters’ Day is because it’s the feast day of Saint Florian, the patron saint of firefighters. It was created in 1999 after five members of a Fire Brigade perished in an Australian wildfire. Observe International Firefighters’ Day with education, with prevention, with a poem.   Hey, Chief! – by Don Mathis "Hey, Chief! Your replacement's here," the fireman shouts with a smile as a young ...

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World Circus Day

April 15 is the day to celebrate traditional circus acts all around the world. A Daily Dad contributor reflects on the ringmaster’s schedule.   I Must Buy a Program – by Don Mathis I came to see the circus. I must buy a program. I want to see the acrobats. I want to see the clown.   When is the dancing bear? What time is the lion? When is the high-wire ...

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Celebrate International Children’s Book Day with 100 Years of Kid Literature

International Children’s Book Day, April 2, honours the 1805 birthday of Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. It is a day to call attention to children's literature and to inspire a love of reading in your family of destiny. Here is a list of the best children's books of the 20th century.   Through the centuries, there have been some great bedtime tales for children. James Finn Garner, in his “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories” ...

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Equal Pay Day: Fact or Fabrication?

‘Equal Pay Day’ is March 14 this year. But ever since its founding in 1996, this event is based on erroneous assumptions. It is meant to illustrate the gap between men’s and women’s wages. But is there really such a gap? And is it based on discrimination? The idea to select a Tuesday as Equal Pay Day was to represent how far into the work week women must work to earn ...

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