At last, the tools to help you cope with change. Get them here in this feature-rich podcast: part 5 of Thrive Through Change.

Do you struggle to cope with change? Are you trying to battle through change in your life and not really coping? In part 5, we round off the series with the tools that you can use to help you move through the 4 phases of change discussed in part 4.

So if you want to learn how to cope with change, then you are in the right place. But if you haven’t listened to the first four episodes, you should do that first.

Thrive Through Change Part 5

This is the 5th part of the series Thriving Through Change.
It is derived from the book The Achiever’s Guide to Thriving Through Change by Guy Mullon.

If you haven’t first listened to parts 1-4, I encourage you to do so, and you can from these links:

How to Cope with Change (part 5) – listen here

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Read on for the show notes for this episode:

6-Piece Toolkit

In the podcast, Guy takes Chris through the 6 piece “AA Toolkit” that will help you navigate which ever phase you are in from the “Cycle of Renewal” (see part 4).

The AA Toolkit consists of two sections: Awareness and Action.

Action without awareness is reckless and leads to poor decisions, but awareness without action leads to nothing but a habit of procrastination and regret.


What do you need to be aware of?

Phases, Yourself and Stress

  1. What phase in the “Cycle of Renewal” are you in ? (see Part 4)
    • The tools to help you discover that may include:
      • Books on change
      • self-reflection through reviewing your journal entries
      • a coach familiar with change
  2. Awareness of self.  Understand deeply who you are now, not who you used to be. The tools to help you could include:
    • Tools for growing your awareness of self include:
  3. Grow your awareness of the stresses in your life and how to mitigate them
    • Tools can include:
      • Journalling
      • Time with friends, in relaxing environments (in nature, walks etc)
      • Exercise
      • Prayer


Without action, having awareness is useless. But what action do you need to take?

To work that out, here are some tools that will help:

  1. Gather and take stock of the resources at your disposal
    • what resources do you have close by that you are not using 100%?
      • External: your partner, extended family, work colleagues, church
      • Internal: your left brain or right brain skills, your experience, your personality traits
    • make a list of those resources, and a plan on how you are going to use them, and then start doing it.
  2. Set for yourself vision, and then goals that from from that vision
    • Vision is about setting a picture of how things SHOULD be in the future, and why you should be a part of making it happen.  Tools to help with this can include:
    • Remember, eating an elephant happens one bite at a time, so even the biggest goals can get done if we break them down into small enough steps (BTW, this metaphor does NOT advocate elephant cruelty!)
    • Make your goals SMART:

  • Michael Hyatt (among others) take things further an advocates making your goals SMARTER
    • Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-keyed, Exciting, Relevant

3. Take action to overcome obstacles

  • Most people will tell you that their obstacles are external — my wife, my husband, my kids, my boss, my lack of time, my lack of money.  But the real obstacles are internal.
  • Sort out the real obstacles from the false flag ‘paper tigers’.  Is it a real obstacle, or are you just procrastinating?
  • To defeat internal obstacles consistently, most people need outside help
    • it’s why Andrea Agassi needed a life coach, not tennis coach, to help him return from 100+ to number 1 in the world
    • it’s why Metallica needed a coach to help them fix their relationships in the band before they could record new albums
  • There is no resource more valuable for overcoming internal obstacles than a well-trained coach.

If you are going through change, and you want to know how to cope with change and become better at it, then listen to the podcast:

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Go Deeper and Get Supported Through Your Life Change

To go even deeper, you can ask Coach Guy about his 5-module course that takes you through how to cope with change. It is called:

Thrive Through Change. Here’s what you get:

  • 5-lesson video course
  • 5 workbooks
  • Your transition plan template (so you can formulate a foolproof plan through your life changes)
  • Invitation to walk through change with others in a private group
  • No risk 100% refund within 30 days

What’s Inside

  1. In Lesson 1, you will discover the difference between chapters and transitions, the type of change you really need to keep an eye on, and what your ‘Mission Possible’ is.
  2. Lesson 2 deals with fear. “What if I Fail?” is one of the questions that you will need to address.  We do that as you work through what is at stake for you.
  3. Lesson 3 is where you will discover where you are in the 4-phase transition model, and why it matters to you thriving through change.
  4. In Lesson 4, discover your Transition Road Map and build the 6-piece tool kit you need to use during change.
  5. “What Now?” No plan is any good without implementation. Discover where to from here as you implement what you have learnt.

Bonus resources that help you thrive through change even faster

  • Core Value Compass — fast-track the Cocooning phase by understanding your core values
  • A coupon for 50% off a 90-minute coaching strategy session called Plan To Win with coach guy, one on one around a virtual whiteboard. This is ideal for exploring your options, brainstorming, vision building or creating a plan how to implement your vision.
  • A Coupon for 50% off personality assessment (Strengths Maximizer completed by over 20 million people)

You can find it here on his coaching website for both Australian and International (non-Australian) residents. Click to go deep on how to cope with change.


Use the coupon “realmenthrivethroughchange” to get 10%* off.

[*available for a limited time, promotion may end without notice].

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