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We welcome you to the Dads4Kids website. Our vision is to build one of the best fatherhood websites in the world. We trust that our website helps you in your quest to be a better dad, or in your research to improve public policy.

The cost of fatherlessness and the associated harm caused by fatherlessness is very high in emotional, physical and monetary terms. The lack of an involved, protective, committed, responsible and loving father has been shown through social science research to contribute to an increase in child poverty, child sexual abuse, child emotional abuse, child physical abuse, child and adult drug abuse, child and adult increase in suicide, child and adult self harm, and much other destructive and abusive human behaviour.

The harmful effects of fatherlessness have been documented in ‘Fathers in Families’ © Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, second edition June 2005. The preamble to The 12pt Plan, from the same document, says,

“Fatherlessness can be defined as the absence of an active, positive father-influence in the lives of children. Fatherlessness is both a natural and spiritual problem. It needs strategic and synergistic partnerships that should involve government, business, church, community, faith-based charities and secular charities and many others working together to strengthen and support Australian fathers.”

It might be noted that the above quotation from the preamble to The 12pt Plan was formed by over two dozen different delegates representing both faith-based and non-faith-based charities and groups who unanimously voted to support the above statement and all of the policy directions as stated in The 12pt Plan. The 12pt Plan came out of the historic Fatherhood Forum convened by Dads4Kids, 10th February 2003, Federal Parliament, Canberra.

The Fatherhood Foundation Inc. trading as Dads4Kids is a tax-deductible entity and harm prevention charity fully authorised by the Australian government which has developed a solid track record of achievement. Dads4Kids has played an historic role in the work of restoring and strengthening Australian fathers. We invite you to work with us to turn the tide of fatherlessness by promoting excellence in fathering.

Our goal is to make excellence in fathering the norm of everyday life in Australia and be a fatherhood resource for the rest of the world. Dads4Kids believes that promoting excellence in fathering is the most cost effective way to reduce the risk of harm and abusive behaviours within the broader community. Your financial and practical support is greatly appreciated. Our children deserve the best — why not give it to them?

Warwick & Alison Marsh
Founders of Dads4Kids