In part 4 of Thriving Through Change, Guy and Chris continue the discussion on how to cope with change. In this episode, Guy explains the 4-part Hudson change model for understanding where you are at in the change cycle.

Ever been chasing a dream, a big goal, a vision, but then become disillusioned with the whole thing? Things you assumed were constant are now being questioned? Can see change coming, and with it questions are raised, doubts and even fears surface? If you can sympathise with this and want to learn how to cope with change, you are in the right place.

Thrive Through Change Part 4

how to cope with change
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This is the 4th part of the series Thriving Through Change. It is derived from the book “The Achievers Guide to Thriving Through Change” by Guy Mullon. If you haven’t first listened to parts 1- 3, you can do so from here:

How To Cope With Change – listen here

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Read on for the show notes for this episode.

Hudson Change Model

In the podcast, Guy takes Chris through the “Cycle of Renewal” change model developed by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, CA.

It depicts a cycle that we typically move clockwise around during seasons of life. We will all be different in the details and the amount of time we spend in each phase, but this model has been proven to apply to the vast majority of people as they move through life-changing situations.

Hudson model

Listen to the podcast to understand each phase and to think through which phase you are in.

Phase 1: Getting Ready Phase

Characterised by you being interested in making a change, but you have not committed to it yet. It is therefore a time of searching, of research, of gathering the information you need to make a decision and pull the trigger on commitment. Examples could include:

  • deciding what to do after high school has finished
  • investigating business ideas
  • job searching
  • preparing/planning for marriage
  • planning a major trip, retirement or other significant event
Phase 2: Go for it!

You enter this phase when you commit to something significant. It is characterised by vision, focus, high energy and optimism about the future. You kick goals by having a high degree of mental strength to push through problems and you get things done. Examples could include:

  • starting a new job or promotion
  • beginning a business campaign
  • getting married
  • starting university
  • having a baby
Phase 3: Doldrums

The doldrums phase is an unpleasant phase. You have come off the highs of the ‘Go For It’ phase and begin to question where you are going and what you are doing. The vision you have been chasing may have faded in clarity, or your goals have not achieved the benefits and value you thought they would. Typically you are disillusioned, bored, semi-depressed, cynical and have low optimism about the future. Examples include:

  • bored at a 20-year job
  • worn out caring for children
  • unhappy in your marriage

At this point there is a choice:

  1. a mini-transition or
  2. the cocooning phase

A mini-transition is when you decide to keep the same basic vision you were following, but you look to tweak it or build a different plan to get there. This results in renewed hope and optimism. You then move into phase 1 again as you research how to make your new plan work.

If your situation needs more than minor changes, or if there is no vision or a new vision is needed, then phase 4 is required.

Phase 4: Cocooning

This is a vital stage, but like a cocooning caterpillar, it is often a lonely stage, one of great internal change away from the prying eyes of others. It is an intensely personal time of self-discovery, identity renewal and purpose renewal. It is the stage most associated with someone in the first half of a midlife crisis. Examples include:

  • self evaluation following a divorce or relationship breakdown
  • laid off your long-term job or career
  • post-business failure
  • empty nest

This is a critical time when you will need support, but also privacy to work through the changes going on inside and around you. The danger is that rash decisions can be made in this stage that can lead to negative permanent ‘solutions’ to what are just temporary problems.

The danger in cocooning is making rash permanent decisions to temporary problems.
~ Guy Mullon

Phase 4 is complete when you are able to leave the past behind and look forward to the future.

Then you return to phase 1, and the cycle continues.

To learn more, listen to the podcast.

Go Deeper and Get Supported Through Your Life Change

To go even deeper, you can ask Coach Guy about his 5-module course that takes you through how to cope with change. It is called:

Thrive Through Change. Here’s what you get:
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  • 5 workbooks
  • Your transition plan template (so you can formulate a foolproof plan through your life changes)
  • Invitation to walk through change with others in a private group
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What’s Inside
  1. In Lesson 1, you will discover the difference between chapters and transitions, the type of change you really need to keep and eye on, and what your ‘Mission Possible’ is.
  2. Lesson two deals with fear. “What if I Fail?” is one of the questions that you will need to address.  We do that as you work through what is at stake for you.
  3. Lesson 3 is where you will discover where you are in the 4-phase transition model, and why it matters to you thriving through change.
  4. In Lesson 4, discover your Transition Road Map and build the 6-piece tool kit you need to use during change.
  5. “What Now?”  No plan is any good without implementation.  Discover where to from here as you implement what you have learnt.
Bonus resources that help you thrive through change even faster
  • Core Value Compass – fast-track the Cocooning phase by understanding your core values
  • A coupon for 50% off a 90-minute coaching strategy session called Plan To Win with coach guy, one on one around a virtual whiteboard. This is ideal for exploring your options, brainstorming, vision building or creating a plan how to implement your vision.
  • A Coupon for 50% off personality assessment (Strengths Maximizer completed by over 20 million people)

You can find it here on his coaching website for both Australian and International (non-Australian) residents. Click to go deep on how to cope with change.

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