Dads4Kids is a harm prevention tax-deductible charity founded 1 May 2002, with a mission to turn the tide of fatherlessness. The Dads4Kids Weekly Email Newsletter was launched on Father’s Day the same year, and it continues to this day. Research shows that the Dads4Kids weekly newsletter is the largest, longest-running weekly fatherhood email newsletter in the world. We have reached tens of thousands of men with the message of excellence in fathering.

In August 2002, Dads4Kids inaugurated a National TV Community Service Ad Campaign to encourage and inspire Aussie dads. These Excellence in Fathering Campaigns run by Dads4Kids have continued on TV every year, garnering tens of millions of dollars in free advertisements, and have been seen by 21 million Australians, in some cases hundreds of times.

Dads4Kids released the historic 12 Point Plan in Parliament House in June 2003 with Mark Latham MP, then-Shadow Treasurer & Larry Anthony MP, Minister for Youth & Children. The 12 Point Plan became the foundational document in the restoration of fatherhood in Australia.

Dads4Kids coordinated the National Strategic Conference on Fatherhood in August 2003 at Parliament House in Canberra and has continued right up till this day organising Forums, Consultations, Conferences and National Summits to support Children, Men’s Health, Families and advocate for good fathering.

The above policy forums helped inaugurate the positive changes to the Family Law Act in 2006, which saw fathers gain greater access to their children after divorce. The other major advance was the introduction of the National Men’s Health Policy in 2010, Australia being the third country in the world to do so. Australia became a pace-setter for men’s health, and has seen an improvement in male life spans as a result.

Dads4Kids is also the global driving force behind the International Men’s Day website, which was built in 2008. Since this time, International Men’s Day has exploded around the world and has saved hundreds of thousands of men from an early death through proactive men’s health campaigns.

In 2004 Dads4Kids pioneered the first Good to Great Fathering Course. The ten-week fathering course is inspired by the SAS, so it incorporates practical training for Dads at the highest level possible. The Course is structured around small groups of men with video input from expert trainers. Dads4Kids has seen 404 men graduate from this course over the last 16 years.

The Courageous Online Fathering Course was released by Dads4Kids in September 2018 and now has students in 77 countries, with Australia having the largest group of graduates. The Courageous Fathering Course is considered by some as the most advanced online fathering course in the world.

The goal of Dads4Kids is to equip, encourage and train fathers; to strengthen and support families; and to engage with individuals, community, church, business and government in order to give our children the best start in life.