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Father’s Day Tribute to a Wonderful Dad and the Story’s Fourth Side

Editor’s Note: Last weekend, Tony Miller attended the Dads4Kids Men's Leadership Summit, where he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his lifetime service and sacrifice for the men, families, and children of Australia. See the photo above. He did not know it was coming. It was our secret. He was happily surprised. Tony's 27-year-old son Cassidy Miller had encouraged him to come. We are so glad he did. ...

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The Innocent Victims of ‘No-Fault’ Divorce

The “no-fault” divorce revolution that spread across the Western world was led in the 1970s by members of the cultural, academic, legal and political elites, in particular by radical feminists who made the case for easy divorce as a means of women’s liberation. By declaring marriage to be an oppressive institution, they demanded “no fault” as a means of allowing wives to escape marriage and achieve a “right of exit”. Although ...

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The Challenge of Finding Joy

When I was a few years younger, I would ride my push bike to work regardless of the weather. I did a full season of bitterly cold Hobart’s darkest winter mornings that gave me the full spread -- thumping rain, a dusting of snow and dodging tree parts from a storm the night before. My biggest discovery of that season was that whinging did not ever make it easier. The situation ...

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Children Need Father Figures – Stepfathers Have to Step Up

We have all no doubt heard the statistics regarding separation and divorce in this country -- something like 30% of marriages end in divorce, and a huge number of Australian children are forced to cope with life after marital breakdown. The typical divorce scenario in Australia today is that mum gets custody of the children and dad (hopefully) gets access and an obligation to pay Child Support. Children from broken marriages ...

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8 Keys to Live through Divorce & Separation – A Layman’s Survival Guide

As someone who has been through the very difficult travails of divorce and undertaken various versions of shared care over the past 15 years, I understand all too well the confusion, stress and sadness these difficult travails bring with them. I have, however, learned a few things along the way that I hope might be of benefit to those fellow travellers who are about to, or are, experiencing similar life experiences. ...

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I told my son I loved him, and I’d see him next week… that was five years ago

Editor's Note: This great article by Josephine Agostino from Kidspot, hosted by News.com.au, is reprinted here as a service to the many single parents who are robbed of their children and their rights as parents. ___ “The only pictures I’ve seen of my kids in that time are on their school reports... I don’t even know where they live. Sadly, I am resigned to the fact I will never have a ...

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I Can Cook: How a Flat Plate Toaster Saved My Life

Last Christmas, two hearty friends of mine surprised me with a present. It was a drinks coaster with a 1950s-style image of an apron-wearing woman holding a toaster with the caption, “If it fits in a toaster, I can cook it!” On its own, it would give most good folks a chuckle, yet, for me, it held a story. In the early days of updating my status to separated parent, I ...

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Single Dad to Super Dad

I have an affinity with single parents, especially since becoming one myself. My circumstances have created openings to meet some dads whose whole being is put into being a dad. Of course, there are a few dads who ought to lift their game; however, I tend only to mention the dads that do great things because, for me, they are a starting point for what I might achieve. I like to ...

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In Defence of the Father Parent

After a divorce, both the mother and the father become single parents. The default assumption in society is that the mother takes on the bulk of the parenting, but our children deserve both parents in their lives as far as possible. Sitting at my desk on Monday morning, I open up my inbox and there I find waiting for me is the Dads4Kids/Fatherhood Foundation newsletter. “You beauty,” I think to myself, ...

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From Fatherlessness to Faith: Dysfunction with a New Start

Despite the failings and traumas handed down from past generations, with the grace of God, we can break free of toxic cycles and build a far better future for our children. Those who grow up hurting from being fatherless can learn from our parents' mistakes and develop into life-giving, dedicated fathers. Like every single one of our five kids, wearing the dad hat was for me a cliched process of having ...

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