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  • happy

7 Proven Tips for a Happy Home

I love this article, published by Time, to help parents like me make the most of these short years we have with our kids: "How to Have a Happy Family – 7 Tips Backed by Research".

  • relationships matter - sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is marriage enemy number one in our book. When sleep-deprived, everything can appear miserable and beyond redemption.

  • grandparents

Once a Father, Always a Father

When your children have their own children, you get a promotion and join the elite group known as grandfathers. This elevation provides you with a whole new set of responsibilities, opportunities and joys.

  • affirmations

50 Positive Affirmations for Dads

Whether new to the dad guild or a veteran dad-lifer, blunt affirmations offer sharp relief. Telling ourselves objective truths keeps us fit for the fight.

  • Dads4Kids Men’s Leadership Summit

Helping Dads Be the Best They Can Be

First things first: Happy Father’s Day! It’s an honour to be communicating with you on this most important and special day. Whether you’re a father of younger or older kids, a grandfather, or a father figure to some precious people in your life, our prayer here at Dads4Kids is that you have a blessed Father’s Day with family and friends. ...

  • marriage

Leaving and Cleaving for the Sake of Our Marriage

A few years ago, Francine was a guest on Vision Radio for marriage week. One of the callers shared how his and his wife’s early ‘family of origin’ formation had caused them a lot of conflict. Their differences in expectations and values had caused them a great deal of grief. All married couples will experience both positive and negative effects ...

  • fathers

What Father’s Day Means to Me

Father’s Day for me is always a list of questions. For example, how can the fatherless write anything good about fatherhood? Ask for a positive vibe, joyful word, or quirky rhyme, and all I once could offer in response was numb bewilderment. I had learned the hard way that sharing my experiences can be like a bulldozer to those unprepared ...

  • Father's Day

Celebrate Father’s Day

Today, we are excited to give you the first glimpse of our new Dads4Kids Father’s Day Community Service Announcement/TV adverts. Richard Attieh and his team at the Australian Television & Media Group have done a great job. See it below. https://youtu.be/TfOB9XSpW1k?si=_Aibpi2ex5zAHU1H We expect Channel 7 Metro and the regional stations which broadcast 7, 9 & 10 to get behind it. ...

  • Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom

The blockbuster, record-breaking smash hit movie from the United States, Sound of Freedom, is coming soon to cinemas across Australia and New Zealand! Based on the incredible true story of Operation Underground Railroad founder and former Department of Homeland Security Special Agent, Tim Ballard, the Angel Studios-distributed film is on-track to gross well over A$300 million globally. Considering the film’s ...

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