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  • Our Degree of Immersion Online Impacts Our Ability to be a Dad

    How much tech time is too much tech time for a Dad? The general rule of thumb through which I measure this is by the degree of immersion. Some technology is a ...

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  • Making the Connection: Communication is Easy With These 3 Tips

    We recently analysed the feedback from 400 participants in our online marriage preparation course. The results to the question, “On which of the following areas would you like more formation/education”, surprised us; ...

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  • The Unglamorous Mum is Beautiful

    The life of a mum is difficult, but, despite the chaos and hardship, the unglamorous mum is beautiful through it all. Although at times our kids drive us crazy, it is the ...

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  • Are You Unhappy? This Might Be the Problem

    How is it that despite looking like we have the things we need, we are unhappy, frustrated, even angry? As the world looks to behavioural change programs to deal with tragedies like ...

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