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  • Watch True Fatherhood in Action

    True fatherhood means the world to your kids, and, whether they know it or not, you have a massive influence on their lives. Dads, you're kind of a big deal! Dad the ...

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  • Ready, Steady, Jump! The Fatherhood Adventure

    Fatherhood is an adventure like no other, but most men are not ready when they jump and are left trying to catch up right from the start. But fatherhood can be done ...

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  • You Have to Fight to Stay in Love

    In the midst of the lockdown, we cannot go to the gym, so my wife and I walk every morning to keep fit. We both enjoy each other’s presence, so we hold ...

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  • Some of the Best Father’s Day Gifts Come with Cracks and Glue

    I would love to say that my kids are finely tuned Father’s Day instruments honed to always make the perfect choice. Imagine them as well-trained, hawkish, retail warriors, who, with pinpoint accuracy ...

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