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  • Conflict Resolution: Uncover the Keys

    Do you have the right skills to resolve the conflicts in your life? In this podcast episode, Brian Noble shares a simple but powerful 4-step process to resolving conflicts. Resolving Conflict Podcast ...

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  • Wisdom from Einstein: Everything is a Miracle

    According to an old military saying, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” It is the same for a father with a sick child.   To explain I thought I would share this amazing ...

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  • The Dad Who Dares Wins: The Family Who Gardens Together, Grows Together

    Gardening can be great fun, but it can also be a time to build into the life of your family. The family that gardens together -- developing and cultivating God's creation -- ...

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  • Say a Little Prayer for Marriage

    In October a few years ago, the Australian bishops called the entire Catholic community to pray for marriage and family. The initiative was joined by around thirty other Christian churches making it ...

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