• first aid

Kids’ First Aid – I Know How to Save a Child’s Life

Children are in the process of learning how to coordinate their bodies and they are naturally curious about exploring the world around them, hence accident-prone. Their immune systems are developing, and they can become very ill. Knowing how to do first aid on your child -- or his friends -- can save a life. Whenever I hear about a tragic accident involving a baby or child on the news, my heart ...

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  • new mum

Hope for New Mums

Postnatal depression is real, but take heart -- support is available. We need to support new mothers and fathers in their parenting journey. Parenting is challenging, and it takes a village to nurture a family. I remember watching an ad on TV a few weeks before I had my first child. The mum was sitting up in bed with a new babe in her arms, looking calm and beautiful. This picture ...

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  • saying no

How to React to a No

Are you able to graciously accept a "no", or would you be cross and upset about it? I find it hard to say no to a lot of the opportunities in my life. The big opportunities that are life-changing, I pray about and give some thought to before saying yes. But the little decisions here and there of being asked to do this and whether I’d like to do that, I ...

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  • road trip

Road Trip Tips

I consider myself an expert in road tripping with small kids -- having survived numerous flights and 2 car trips to Broken Hill of 18 hours each way. Yes, that’s right, 18 hours! First time with a 10-month-old; the second time with a 2-year-old and 7-month-old. It wasn’t pretty. So, here’s what I now know… Lesson 1. Be prepared Lesson 2. Be prepared Lesson 3. Be prepared Since Lessons 1, 2 ...

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Own Your Unique Position and Giftings

There is only one of you in the whole world. Take the opportunity to hone your talents and grow where you are planted. I have always believed God places the right people at the right time in your life to counsel you and offer guidance and encouragement when you need it. Lately, I’ve been having a few chance encounters and friendships that have been placed in my life at the right ...

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  • beautiful

Please Tell Her She’s Beautiful

If we don't let our children know they are beautiful, handsome and attractive, they will look for affirmation elsewhere. Build up your child's positive body image and self-confidence. “Don’t tell your daughter she is beautiful,” says Jo Swinson, a female Minister in the UK. She would prefer children be praised for “completing tasks or their ability to be inquisitive” rather than “for wearing a nice outfit” as she believes this is ...

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  • tough mudder

Why Being a Tough Mother is like Doing Tough Mudder

As parents, friendship and community support are essential for getting through the ups and downs of parenting. My personal Facebook newsfeed has been filled with pictures of mums giving Tough Mudder a go. I look at the pictures of mud and shudder because I know that it’s not something I want to do. But I have learned never to say never, because whenever I say never, I find myself a year ...

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  • holiday

My Dream Holiday

With the tumult of boisterous offspring, sometimes the quiet moments of recuperation are found nearer to home. Who needs a holiday? In my life BC (Before Children), my idea of complete relaxation was luxuriating beside a pool on a tropical island, reading a book, or ordering room service and getting up only to go to the bathroom. Sigh… good times. Nowadays, the idea of going away is exhausting! Packing for four ...

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  • birthday

8 Ways Your Birthday Changes as Soon as You’re a Parent

Celebrating your birthday as a parent is not quite the same as in pre-parent life, but it sure is a barrel of fun with your munchkins! I had a great birthday. I didn’t have any expectations, but I did make hints about possible things I’d like to do on the day, and those hints were heard. Morning Sunshine The morning started with two eager faces, wanting to wake me up so ...

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  • beauty

True Beauty

How do you react when your child spews all over your outfit for the day? What is beauty, really? Does it go beyond appearances? I know you’ve been there: all dressed up, ready to walk out the door, when bub throws up all down your front. Do I: A. Drop everything, change my outfit and risk being characteristically late? Or B. Wipe myself off and keep walking? I chose B. And ...

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