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Two Types of Commitment

In his book The Power of Commitment, Scott Stanley (USA) provides some very useful insights into the nature of commitment. He identifies two types of relationship commitment: constraints and dedication. Constraint Commitment Constraint commitment refers to the ‘forces’ that resist the separation of a couple even when one or both partners would prefer to leave the relationship. Constraints tend to accumulate with the relationship and begin from very early on, before ...

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What to Say if You Think Your Teen Daughter is Having Sex

Parenting expert Michelle Mitchell shares pointers on how to address the thorny topic of premarital sex with your teenaged daughter. Sexual intimacy is a wonderful gift but it can also be a source of great harm when misused. It is essential to provide guidance on this aspect of human relationships, particularly as your children experience puberty. Parent Question:  My daughter is 15 and has recently fallen for a really lovely boy. ...

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Relationship Breakdown: The Cycle Leading to Relationship Failure

Relationships erode constantly without your intentional attention. But it can be difficult to see the warning signs, as erosion can be well-hidden. In episode #30 of Real Talk 4 Real Men, Chris and Guy take you through the 7 stages of the Relationship Crash Cycle to help you identify exactly where your relationship is being eroded. Armed with this, you can apply exactly the right ‘fortifications’ against any further erosion. Have ...

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The Three ‘H’s

My wife and I are experiencing (as grandparents) a unique déjà vu. Twenty-four years ago, we experienced with watching concern and anxiousness our daughter's and now son-in-law's dating and relating. We are again going through similar ‘pain’ as our number two grand-daughter is living with us, as she undertakes tertiary studies. You've guessed it, she and her latest ‘beau’ have announced that they are officially an 'item', i.e. a couple. It's ...

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