My wife and I are experiencing (as grandparents) a unique déjà vu.

Twenty-four years ago, we experienced with watching concern and anxiousness our daughter’s and now son-in-law’s dating and relating.

We are again going through similar ‘pain’ as our number two grand-daughter is living with us, as she undertakes tertiary studies. You’ve guessed it, she and her latest ‘beau’ have announced that they are officially an ‘item’, i.e. a couple.

It’s strange when you wake at around 11 o’clock and your blonde boarder has not yet come home.

Do you think we can get back to sleep again?
Oh Me! Oh My!

We really could do without this anxiety all over again!!!

Anyway, we have managed to get them to agree to watching their ‘Aitches’, and which of the three is in charge:
Heart or
Hormones ????


by Neil Ryan

[Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels]
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