Frontline… The War on Men

There is a war on men but the greatest perpetrators are the men themselves. As Walt Kelly once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Our single greatest enemy is our own passivity - mine included. Daily, I make the decision as Robert Lewis says, to “reject passivity.” That is why you are getting this newsletter. The number one objection women have about husbands is their passivity. I ...

  • missing you in my heart

Right Here Waiting

Cup in hand, deep in thought, It's like this every day. And it twists my heart I know But there is no other way. I dream of you, there's nothing else, No picture I can see. To see your smiles and how you've grown Or how much of you is me. To hold you close, to hear you laugh, To put you to bed at night. To tell you things a ...

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  • child support

Delinquent Dads?

The best decisions about the care, welfare and support of children are those made by their parents. However, the Child Support Agency has decided that it should take over this role. As a result, I know plenty of non-custodial fathers (and one mother) who not only have no intention of ever paying child support, but also do everything they possibly can to avoid it. I’m one of them. What do you ...

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  • teachers - fathers

Teachers versus Fathers

The observation that separated couples rarely get along with each other would come as no revelation to anyone. It is generally relationship problems that lead to the separation in the first place. Yet these relationship difficulties are often used by the Family Court as the basis for refusing shared parenting and for restricting a father’s contact with his children. I know of one case where a judge, who found no fault ...

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  • equal parenting

Equal Parenting

Letter to the Prime Minister from The Lone Fathers Association of Australia Part Two The best interests of the child With a legal presumption of equal shared physical custody, a clear message would be sent by the Australian community to the divorce industry that a child is a human being with an inalienable right to equal parenting (including parenting time) by both its parents and a right to not have a ...

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  • shared custody

Shared Physical Custody

Letter to the Prime Minister from The Lone Fathers Association of Australia Part One General comments The LFAA, as the national peak body representing separated fathers and their children, wishes to inform you of our extreme disappointment with the Report on “Shared Custody” by the House of Representatives Committee on Family and Community Affairs released on 29 December 2003. While the fathers and children of Australia have asked for bread, the ...

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A Tale of Three Cities

A few years ago I was a happily married man -- a beautiful wife, three sons, a home  that  was well on the way to being paid off, a job, and settled in the community.  We had just had our 10-year anniversary -- a night on the town for the family.  A few bumps along the way, including some really tough surprises with our sons' births, but everything was fine -- ...

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