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Rod, his wife Jonda, and their five kids are homeschooling veterans. Rod spent 12 years in management at Koorong, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry & Theology, and is a writer for the theological, politically edgy news site Caldron Pool. Rod also writes for the Spectator. Find his personal blog here.
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Five Minecraft Christmas Challenges for Dads with Kids

This Christmas, create lasting memories while enjoying quality time with your children in the wondrous world of Minecraft. Sticking with the current D4K theme of activities that dads can do with their kids, few rainy-day ideas top an adventure through the virtual world of Minecraft. Since Minecraft’s Swedish creator, Markus Persson sold his 71% share to Microsoft in 2014 -- after getting fed up with ‘armchair trolls’ -- the block construction ...

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  • Christmas family woodworking

Five Christmas-Inspired Woodworking Ideas for Dads & Their Kids

Despite the pace, there are ways to meet some of the challenges of the holidays. It’s not impossible to rise above the commercialised grind of Christmas. Men don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle all the Way, frantically tearing up the town trying to win the approval of his son by chasing down the latest toy fad. Pushing back against the grind can be as easy as picking up tools, ...

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  • Frank Capra

When Real Men Speak, Truth Trumps Fiction

The life of Frank Capra is a reminder that real-life stories are often the most powerful we will ever hear. When real men like Frank Capra speak, truth trumps fiction.  Like many in Generation X, I was raised on television by Boomers who chose to co-parent with the idiot box! I was one of those taught to sit in front of the television and told to "speak only when you're spoken ...

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New Dads Can Experience Pregnancy Hell Too

My wife went through pregnancy hell. And so did I, though my issues only surfaced years later. To all the dads out there: pregnancy may be tough for you too, and that's okay. If I made it, so will you. I remember the apprehension and nerves when my first child was born. She was on time, and her arrival – and our time in the hospital – was much faster than ...

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Yesterday was International Men’s Day – and Gender Reconciliation is in the News

International Men's Day was celebrated on the 19th of November, 2021. Its message was stopping the gender war and bringing men and women together. This theme was a welcome change to the media provocation of the tensions between men and women. For so long, the cultural elites and some strains of feminism (and masculinism) have fuelled the divisions between the sexes instead of bridging the gender divide. Dr John Gray has said, ...

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15 Family-Friendly Flicks about Dads to Keep the Home Fires Burning

Forget Finding Nemo and Three Men and a Baby. Here are fifteen family-friendly films about dads that dads will actually enjoy watching! 15. Swing Vote (2008) Kevin Costner plays the uninterested, apolitical Bud Johnson. Thanks to the wiles of his daughter, Johnson ends up becoming an election-decider after she votes on his behalf without him knowing.  14. Houseboat & Father Goose This 1958 Cary Grant and Loren classic sees Grant take ...

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How my ‘Deadbeat’ Dad Inspires Me to Be a Better Father

I am thankful for my "deadbeat" dad and encouraged by his example. Why? Because his mistakes have taught me what not to do as a father! Among the most inspirational figures in my life – who encourages my parenting style and has a significant impact on me – is my "deadbeat" dad. He wasn't a successful father, but his failures have helped me try and avoid failures of my own. I ...

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  • fathers

‘Dads on Duty’ Deploys Dads in Schools to End Gang Violence

American fathers have launched a new initiative in schools that provides a powerful reminder of the important role dads play in the lives of their children – and the community. To tackle rising school violence, up to 40 dads from Southwood High School in Louisiana have banded together under the banner Dads on Duty USA. Their battle plan is simple: be present on school grounds. According to CBS, "the students say ...

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  • chuck norris

10 Chuck Norris Facts That Are Fuel for Dad Life

The internet was ablaze in the 2000s with quips featuring American actor Chuck Norris (aka Carlos Ray Norris). Some of the best examples included, “Chuck Norris’s mind is connected to the internet. He refreshes Web pages by blinking;” and “Chuck Norris grinds his coffee with his teeth and boils water with his rage.” Another is, “Chuck Norris can ride a motor without a cycle.” Add to this, “When Chuck Norris crosses ...

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Our Children are the Answer, Not the Problem to Our Environmental Challenges

Emily Holleman a writer for The Cut, - part of New York Magazine’s ‘One Great Story’ section - recently condemned bearing children in the age of the “apocalypse,” selfish. As a committed father of five, I was intensely interested in what she had to say. Holleman’s reflection on anxiety and personal loss in a time of uncertainty is the better part of what becomes an environmentalist “sermon”. An autobiographical piece, the ...

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