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Rod, his wife Jonda, and their five kids are homeschooling veterans. Rod spent 12 years in management at Koorong, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry & Theology, and is a writer for the theological, politically edgy news site Caldron Pool. Rod also writes for the Spectator. Find his personal blog here.
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Outta Puff Dads Dance for Mental Health, Manhood & Masculinity

Outta Puff Daddys (OPD) is a mixed bag of over-40s men from Brighton in the United Kingdom dancing to bridge the gap between masculinity and good mental health. It’s cringe for a good cause. Together as a group since 2012, they started life as a one-off way to encourage their kids. The “Boy Band” now uses dance routines, while capitalising on the comedy of dads on a dancefloor, to stem the ...

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Staying Power

Walk through any quality '80s film, and the reoccurring theme is staying power. Daniel LaRusso, Rocky Balboa, Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo? Staying power. Axel Foley, Ripley (Aliens), John McClane, Mr Miyagi, and Maverick? Again, staying power. Add to this, characters played by some of the 80's best female actors: Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kathleen Turner, and Goldie Hawn. Their undeniable hidden strength is staying power. Look at ...

  • marriage

The ‘Marriage Before Carriage’ Dads Matter Revolution

Welcome to the marriage before carriage dads matter revolution! This was the brilliant bottom line in a series of posts written by Delano Squires this week. Marking USA’s Father’s Day, the dad of four and Heritage Foundation Fellow declared, “There’s no greater vocation than being a dad.” Dependency, power, plunder, and control are reasons why they don’t want men to be men. “There are a lot of people who want men ...

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Upcycled Telephone Tardis Hopes to Turn Dads into Readers

Thanks to a group of West Australian dads, Currambine Primary School is now host to a unique library. Painted red, and watertight, the renovated Telstra phone booth is an outdoor add-on to the school’s existing book-borrowing service. The dads from LADDs birthed the idea. Loving and Devoted Dads are an offshoot of father engagement, The Father Project. LADDs exists to ‘improve child development by inspiring dads to engage with their kids.’ ...

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Channing Tatum on How the Single Dad Life Inspired Him to Write

Channing Tatum might be a lot of things on screen. Off-screen he’s a single dad, and the best-selling author of three children’s books. All three kids’ books were inspired by Tatum’s relationship with his own daughter, Everly. Central to the storyline is Ella (aka Sparkella), who, with the help of her dad, learns the value of acts like how to combat peer pressure, having patience, and telling the truth. Life Lessons ...

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U.S. Advisory Admits Link Between Teen Suicide and Social Media

Vivek Murthy’s latest advisory is spotlighting the link between social media and teen suicide. Murthy, a Democrat, and the current United States Surgeon General said, “For too many children, social media use is compromising their sleep and valuable in-person time with family and friends.” “We are in the middle of a national youth mental health crisis, and I am concerned that social media is an important driver of that crisis.” Speaking ...

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Funding Fatherhood Puts the Paternal Back out on Patrol

Ron DeSantis doubling down on his fatherhood initiative gives further life to Florida’s fight for fathers. Speaking to a pro-life group on Saturday, the governor recommitted to the pro-dad program aimed at ending the fatherless epidemic. Dubbed House Bill 7065, 2022, the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative was unanimously signed into law last May. One year on and DeSantis is adamant that help for dads is hope for their kids.   If ...

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7 Famous Rock Dads Who’ve Collaborated with their Kids

Never let fame get in the way of fatherhood. This is the quasi-example set by at least seven rock dads who’ve had no problems collaborating with their kids. Headline acts sharing the spotlight is about as down to earth as rockstars being on time, or helping roadies unload their own gear. Ask any genuine musician who they’d prefer to play alongside. Given the choice, most would choose the ‘stay humble, or ...

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Widowhood is a Process, Not an Identity

Grief is like being “concussed, or slightly drunk”, C.S Lewis mused. It is, he added, an “invisible blanket between the world and me… her absence is like the sky, spread over everything”. Imagining marriage as one ship, C.S. Lewis wrote, “the starboard engine has gone. I, the port engine, must chug along somehow till we make harbour. Or rather, till the journey ends.” Vulnerable and mourning the loss of his wife, ...

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Make Mother’s Day a Military Operation

Making the most of Mother’s Day is as simple as bringing your A-game, and plenty of back-up. Carrying out a successful Mother’s Day Op. is about coordination, planning, and having the right headspace. Although a cache of cliché gifts suits the nature of the op, they don’t guarantee operational success.   “Be all you can be, and be all there” – so goes my take on the U.S. Army slogan. ...

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