10 Ways to Defeat Depression

When it comes to mental health, prevention is always better than cure. Here are ten natural ways to defeat depression. Even if you don't suffer from depression, you will improve your life by implementing these ten simple strategies. C.S. Lewis wrote that "Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also harder to bear". I want to share with you the following practical tips to ...

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5 Habits of Healthy and Happy People

Healthy habits are important when life is busy and stressful. These five simple strategies are almost guaranteed to improve your life and make you a happier person. Are you able to ‘shake it off’ when faced with the stress of looming deadlines, relationship conflicts, family pressures, long work hours and burgeoning household chores? If not, you’re perfectly normal. For many of us, the strains of daily life can quickly take their ...

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Insomnomore: Six Tips to Sleep Well and Stay Happy

Can't sleep? You're not alone, and you're also not without hope. Consider these simple, practical strategies to get your sleep habits back on track. Whether it’s your late afternoon latte, noisy neighbours, or just too much on your mind, daytime mayhem often means bedtime bedlam. We work hard to meet our daily commitments, but a lack of quality sleep can play havoc with our bodies and minds. Tiredness can affect our ...

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Are You About to Burn Out?

How close are you to burning out? Could you recognise the signs? What will the consequences be if you did burn out? In episode 44 of Real Talk 4 Real Men, Guy and Chris unpack how you can guard against burnout. As I sat on the last train of the night home from another exhausting and stressful day at the office, my brain continued to race as I reflected on the ...

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