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  • The Fight for Justice (Part 1)

    Mahatma Gandhi once said that when facing adversaries, they first ignore you, then they fight you and then you win. Those people who despair at the apparent lack of progress in the ...

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  • Delinquent Dads?

    The best decisions about the care, welfare and support of children are those made by their parents. However, the Child Support Agency has decided that it should take over this role. As ...

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  • Change Don’t Come Easy

    Many people have a solid, ingrained resistance to change, particularly when that change doesn’t align with the way they think. Our understanding and perception of the world around us is, to a ...

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  • Child Support and Deadbeat Dads – Myth Versus Fact (Part 2)

    (continued from part 1) The next question then becomes, why doesn't this hard core group just pay up? Well of course, just as there are some taxpayers who will go to any ...

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