So, my eldest started school last week and I was cool with that. Yes, I did get a little misty-eyed at drop-off time (Tyson, as predicted, was totally fine and ran off into the proverbial distance with nary a look over his shoulder).

I thought I’d be anxious about leaving my baby, about him making friends, about liking his teacher… but do you know the thing that freaked me out the most? I’m almost too embarrassed to admit it.

Lunchbox Judgement. Yes, it’s a thing!

A doctor (that’s right, a doctor!) apparently couldn’t even get lunchbox contents right, after being sent a stern handwritten letter by his daughter’s teacher, chastising his food choices. That is my worst fear come true!

Dr Puckett sums it up well:

‘I’m responsible for them and for the choices that they make and do whether it’s at school or not. I have the ultimate responsibility to raise my children and I take that role very, very seriously, and so maybe I took it bit more personally that there was some offense that maybe I wasn’t doing a good job in that duty, something that is my number one job.’

It’s such a relief to know that at least one other parent sees their child’s lunchbox the same way I do… as a representation of my parenting. Now, I spend my days picturing Tyson’s teacher leering over his lunch and critiquing my parenting style.

Do Tiny Teddies say ‘irresponsible parent?’ Please note ham and cheese sandwich — does pumpkin and seed bread give me extra points? Or do seeds fall into the ‘Allergy Trigger’ category and therefore result in ‘epic parenting fail?’ I haven’t had a letter yet. I’ll keep you posted!

Weelicious says make sure your lunchbox features three things: Balance, fun factor and the visual.


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