This Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft is easy for kids to make as an edible gift for Dad!

Am I the only one who sometimes struggles to find the right gift for Father’s Day? Whether it’s for my dad or my husband, they both like practical gifts, but sometimes I want to give them something a bit more special.

I asked my dad while we were working if he wanted anything in particular for Father’s Day. He said, ‘Yeah, can you give me a new back and some new legs?” Funny response, but not very helpful.

Getting the grandkids involved in Father’s Day can make gift-giving special — whether it’s a Father’s Day card or craft for all the dad figures in your child’s life.

My dad loves flying remote control planes, so I decided to use this hobby as the design for an easy craft that dads will love and kids will enjoy putting together. It’s my Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft.

Materials for Father’s Day Chocolate Plane Craft

For this craft you will need:

  • 1 box of Cadbury Favourites
  • 1 king-size chocolate bar (we used Chunky Kit Kat)
  • 2 small blocks of Lindt Chocolate
  • Sticky tape and/or blutack

All the chocolates above are on special at Woolworths right now. We made three planes for under $25 with a lot of chocolates left over to eat while we made the planes.


  1. Sticky tape 1 block of Lindt chocolate to the top and underside of the king-size chocolate bar
  2. Now tape 1 Cadbury Caramel Chocolate (from the Favourites selection) to the front of the king-size chocolate bar to represent the cockpit
  3. And tape a small bar of chocolate(from the Favourites selection) to the top back of the king-size bar to represent the tail wing.

You can attach some string if you want it to dangle — but I reckon once Dad marvels at the design, these planes will be crash landing into his mouth!

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