Laughter Medicine for Body & Soul

Being a father carries with it some pretty serious responsibilities. That is why it is so important to learn to laugh, and that’s why we at Dads4Kids publish weekly doses of humour for busy dads. In 1979 Norman Cousins wrote, ‘Anatomy of an Illness (As Perceived by the Patient)’. Cousins had Ankylosing Spondylitis, a rheumatoid-like disorder. Considering the hospital noisy and impersonal, Cousins checked into a hotel room where he read ...

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Laughter – the Best Medicine

I must be one of the stupidest people I know. Some time ago I was invited to speak at the opening of a local charity called ‘Assist’ run by Brian Pember, a friend of mine. I wrote the address down in my diary when Brian invited me to speak. I took my diary with me in the car but, guess what, I didn’t look at my diary and ended up going ...

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Conversations with a Two-Year-Old

Many years ago there was a TV show called ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things’ which was first hosted by Bill Cosby in 1995.This was based on a daily radio show by Art Linkletter, which was aired between 1945 and 1969. But, look out folks, in 2014 we can forget TV and even radio and go straight to YouTube for the latest incarnation, which centres on a real dad, Matthew Clark, and ...

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  • grand-dad


Speaking as a grandfather of twelve grandchildren, I am grateful for having been a father, and now a grandfather. It’s a constant challenge, doing the right thing all the time. I wonder if the grandkids know that saying, ‘Like father, like son’? I’m gradually learning! And how about this one: Q. What’s grander than a dad? A. A grand-dad! ___ William Lackenby, Moss Vale, NSW, aged 76 years. Bill and Joan ...

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