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What Guide Dog Training Taught Me About Raising Kids – Lesson 2: Consistency

Consistency is crucial in training both pups and kids to develop good habits and reach their full potential, as guide dogs and as human beings. Let me kick this article off by introducing the first pup we raised. His name was Lennox and he was a Golden Retriever. He was a lovable caring boy, who loved having his photo taken and literally going out of his way to smell the flowers ...

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Strong Hand of Love

This week was an important week for one of my granddaughters. It was her seventh birthday. Her mum took her, and her sisters, horse-riding for a very exciting and fun-filled day. We got invited to the after-party, and it was of course gallons of fun. This granddaughter has 4 sisters, three older and one younger, so birthday parties are very social occasions and greatly valued. When we arrived at the after-party, ...

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