April 15 is the day to celebrate traditional circus acts all around the world. A Daily Dad contributor reflects on the ringmaster’s schedule.


I Must Buy a Program – by Don Mathis

I came to see the circus.

I must buy a program.

I want to see the acrobats.

I want to see the clown.


When is the dancing bear?

What time is the lion?

When is the high-wire act?

I must buy a program.


I can’t wait to see the sideshow.

Pass the peanuts and popcorn.

The knife thrower gives me chills.

I hope the trapeze stays airborne.


It’s dark and cozy under the big top

Waiting for the lights to come on.

I wonder what’s happening next?

I must buy a program.


What’s this? The spotlight’s on me!

Something’s terribly wrong!

I didn’t know I’m part of the act.

I must buy a program.


I don’t know what to do.

I feel betrayed and forlorn.

I’m on after the elephants,

Too late to buy a program.


Am I to tell jokes?

Or give a dance and song?

Am I the juggler?

Or writer of my own program?


Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr.

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