Are you making slow progress managing change? Not sure what to do next? Low confidence in your ability to make the right decision? … help is here.

Managing change, especially managing personal change, can be like heading into a high-grade river rapid. The transition is filled with a combination of adventure and chaos that can leave us dazed, confused and doubting ourselves and our future. In part 2 of 13 Principles to Thriving Through Change, we build on the first three principles to explain the importance of principles 4 to 6.

If you are frustrated, feeling like a failure or that your progress managing change right now is poor, then this next episode is for you.

Time For Me Time

This episode is very much about you.

In this episode you will discover principles that we largely used to be good at, but are becoming increasingly difficult for a number of reasons — not least our technology-connected existence.

To find out what they are, what is in the way, what the benefit is for you and what to do about it… stream episode 53 of Real Talk 4 Real Men below:

One of the questions Guy suggests we use to filter our decision-making is this one:

“Will making this decision make me more or less like the person I want to be?” – Guy Mullon

It stops us and forces us to think through whether the decision we are contemplating is in line with our values. In line with what is really important to us — and how we want ourselves and the world to view us.

What’s Your Experience?

What do you think about these 3 principles?

Do you agree? and how have you seen them benefit you when managing change?

When you reflect back on a major life transition, have you noticed their significance in helping you through?

If you’ve got stuck in technology or unhelpful thinking that has slowed your progress managing change, what can you start doing today to change that?

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