Plan some time out for yourself — things you enjoy doing, with friends or alone. It maybe off to the sports arena, or the movies, or just a simple lunch at the fish markets. Try inviting some friends over if you can cook, or invite yourself over to some friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive to have fun. Cook yourself breakfast in bed, or have a video day.

Plan some challenging activities — with and without the kids — to stretch your boundaries. Take up a hobby or craft that you can do, but is new or stretching an old one.

Set up a dream list or just things to try with the kids — then work through them. Some options are in free magazines such as Sydney’s Child, or the school or church bulletin. Sports, adventure playgrounds, rebuilding cars, horse riding, picnics, puppet plays, bowling, swimming. Explore the mountains or the sea — be creative with time and money that may be limited.

Join a group — or start one. The local church, singles groups, or friends with common interests are good starting points.

When you can’t cope — or just want some contactpick up the phone even when you don’t want to, or think no-one cares.


by Peter.
Photo by Fas Khan on Unsplash.

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