Welcome to the marriage before carriage dads matter revolution!

This was the brilliant bottom line in a series of posts written by Delano Squires this week.

Marking USA’s Father’s Day, the dad of four and Heritage Foundation Fellow declared,

“There’s no greater vocation than being a dad.”

Dependency, power, plunder, and control are reasons why they don’t want men to be men.

“There are a lot of people who want men tied up. They want men tied to pornography. Tied up on drugs, and alcohol. They [even] try to tie men up by manipulating their emotions,” he argued.

Government Interference

Fatherlessness is the consequence of people “trying to use policy and culture to erase fathers,” evidenced by the “fatherhood crisis [plaguing] the United States.”

This is backed by “60+ years of social science data.”

In place of fathers, “they’ve tried to spread the lie that a cheque from [daddy] government is just as good as having a [good] dad in the house.”

“But Uncle Sam is an unfaithful husband, and an absent father,” Squires declared.

“So, what we need now is a fatherhood revolution of strong men willing to love and lead their families against the people who seek to do them harm.”

Elaborating further, Squires identified the dad haters as “woke leftists” or New Left Democrats, who removed ‘all references to fatherhood from their party platforms’ after 2016.

‘Progressives,’ he said, ‘avoid public debate about marriage and fatherhood because they believe social outcomes are mainly driven by public policy and systemic forces, not individual decisions.’

Success Sequence

Recalling woke criticism of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, Squires threw in the example of Democrats dusting off facts about fatherlessness as racism.

‘It shouldn’t be this way,’ he said in a Daily Signal article.

Democrats ‘know that marriage comes before [the baby] “carriage.” There’s a reason the “Who’s Your Daddy?” DNA-testing truck drives around the South Bronx, and not Martha’s Vineyard.’

Speaking to the facts, he argued, we cannot ‘talk about responsible fatherhood without talking about marriage.’

Any dads matter revolution has to take into consideration the staying power of the “success sequence.”

Healthier families don’t cohabitate — they put marriage before having children.

For example, ‘97% of millennials born between 1980 and 1984 who finish school, secure employment, and marry before having children are not poor by their mid-30s.’

A dad’s involvement in his kids’ lives substantially increases when the father is a committed and valued member of the household, Squire added.

As Squires noted in his tweet, Dad-hood is “part of God’s design for family, but there are a lot of people who don’t like that design.”

Strong Men Required

Masculinity has been compromised, he rightly added.

Dad-haters “want men to be weak.”

Weak men wound families.

A weak household is not just more dependent on politicians, they’re a lot easier to loot, and control — both spiritually, and physically.

As Jesus observed, Squires said,

“How can someone plunder a house, unless he [first] binds up the strongman?” (Mark 3-36-28)

He also admonished anti-dad ‘progressives,’ saying those ‘who value fathers in their personal lives, but ignore the importance of dads when it comes to public policy, need to start preaching what they practice.’

Families ‘need men of character and action’, he noted in The Federalist.

The future depends on men being men:

‘Fathers should be the first and last lines of defence against woke left activists in politics, media, and medicine.’

Dads ‘who are unafraid to stand up for their wives and children. Dads who see protecting and providing for their families as their first vocation.’

For context, he explained, these are men who refuse to be gaslighted into putting their sons and daughters on puberty blockers, consenting to a pseudo-religious political movement’s mutilation of their kids’ lives.

Dads have been downplayed through ‘policy and culture’ for decades.

‘It’s more important than ever for men to build families rooted in faith that provide a model for the next generation of boys to emulate,’ he concluded.

A marriage before carriage dads matter revolution is long overdue.

Weak men have to become strong ones, because real dads are dragon-slayers.


Photo by Taha Samet Arslan.

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