Nappy changing is an acquired skill. Once you have mastered this fine art, you can look forward to all the following levels of fatherhood!

When it comes to the art and skill of fathering, a lot has changed since the ‘wonder years’ of our father’s or grandfathers’ generation. Oh, the good old days — the prospective parent, relegated to the smoke-filled waiting room, hospital staff deeming it inappropriate for fathers to be present during the birth.

New Idea magazines scattering the paisley-covered chairs, eager fathers-to-be waiting for that lovely head matron nurse to come and say those wonderful words — “It’s a…” WOW.

Great Expectations

These days, attitudes favour more fatherly participation: there during the delivery, receiving the brunt (it’s all your fault) of the ensuing birth, cutting the cord, holding that delicate being, to the awkwardness of the first nappy change.

What a beautiful, sharing, bonding time this is. However, as a father that has been through it three times, I am not sure I could handle another — I was worn out!

Why is it that mothers can hold the baby as if they were experts, whereas we dads have a continual struggle to look the least bit natural? I remember the first nappy change like it was only yesterday, although many years have now passed. This delicate little baby boy, so frail, tiny — I was so scared I would break something. But, as all men would agree, we pick it up pretty quick. At least we hope so!

Tough Times

You know, nappy changing wasn’t really such a big task, now that I reflect back — except for those ones at 3 am in the morning, minus 4 degrees, baggy eyes, baby crying, dad thinking about how awful he will look at work in the morning.

I used to look pretty bad some mornings, but hey, I had an excuse…. baby was awake ALL NIGHT. Even if I did just get up once, it might as well have been all night.

That brings me to the next point: how is it that mums never look tired and washed out, they always glow with motherhood, having a seemingly endless reserve of energy? I tell you what, if I had half their energy some days, my football playing days would be far from over… yeah!

Ultimate Challenge

Well men, in all this take heart — we have a role to play just as important as the mums. Guys, whether we are experts at nappy changing or not, our role as fathers does not finish when nappies do — it is a life-long task, and a role worth giving one hundred and ten percent, 24/7.

God has privileged us with the honour to be parents, and it is up to us to ensure we live up to expectations; after all, our children are worth it.


Photo by Dominika Roseclay at Pexels.

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Paul Sloan is an accountant by trade, but has been a miner and many other things besides. He is married with three children and like most of us, he is still learning to be a father. Paul is an active surfer who lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. He is a family man who hasn't lost his sense of humour.

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