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The Commitment Challenge #3: Sex and Committed Relationships

In a recent discussion at a youth conference, it was put to us by some of the participants that premarital sex was acceptable as long as it was a ‘committed’ relationship. Casual sex was seen to be inappropriate and perhaps dangerous, but if the couple were in a committed dating situation, then sex was okay. It sounds very reasonable and moderate, even mature; there is a certain sense of respect for ...

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At the Car Wash

On Saturday I dropped my daughter off to do a school assignment with her friends. On the way home there was a FREE car wash. That’s always music to my ears. So why on earth would people give up a beautiful Saturday morning to wash cars for other people… FOR FREE? These weren’t just ordinary people -- these were people whom many say are self-centred, insensitive and really don’t care about ...

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Teen Suicide and Social Media

There’s a heavy silence around the connection between teen suicide and social media. Victims of this epidemic are usually in their teens, and come from a variety of backgrounds. While the consensus is that this connection is difficult to find, one study said there was a ‘direct association between heavy social media/internet use and increased suicide attempts.’ Factors include unrestricted access to the internet, resulting in exposure to inappropriate content, and ...

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3 Dads Walking to Raise Teen Suicide Awareness

Three grieving dads in the United Kingdom are walking around the country attempting to raise awareness about teen suicide. Mike, Andy, and Tim lost their daughters, Beth, Sophie, and Emily, to the UK suicide epidemic. They chose fundraiser walking as a way of challenging the culture and honouring their daughters’ memory. So far, the suicide-bereaved fellowship of three have raised over £880,000, with the hope of reaching £1,000,000. A number far ...

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Go Slow Into Those Teen Years

The stall at the Salamanca Market with a large sprig pulled from a peppercorn tree caught my attention. The farm my dad grew up on had an enormous peppercorn tree and many of my memories that bring on a smile feature that tree as a backdrop… the rusted chains draped over a lofty branch that held the swing… to the home-hewn plank of a weatherworn seat of a swing… Granddad sawing ...

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We Married Too Young

Were we too young to get married? Would it have been better to wait till later? Lots of people told us so. Neither of us had really experienced life: Byron at 27 had at least lived out of home for three years. On the other hand, Francine at 21 was still studying, had never had her own bedroom, let alone lived independently. From university professors, mentors and friends, she was repeatedly ...

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Understanding the YOLO Generation

To guide your children through the throes of their teen years, help them form genuine relationships and find their purpose. Having a goal directs their energies in a productive and life-giving direction, instead of frittering their youth away with a YOLO attitude. This generation of teenagers is worrying parents like never before, throwing their talent out the door and accepting minimal wages to focus on a life of partying and binge ...

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Walking the Line Between Care and Responsibility

Can you be overly protective of your wife and kids? How do you walk the balance between care and responsibility? That is the topic of Real Talk 4 Real Men episode #27. Are you confident that you are preparing your young adults well for handling the responsibilities that come with adulthood? Have you prepared your wife to be able to live well without you, should you suddenly be taken off this ...

When Hope is Gone

When all hope is lost and you are at the end of your rope, whom do you call? Until recently, you could call Eric Trezise (1930-2021), friend of the friendless and hope for the hopeless. Sadly, Eric passed from this life to the next recently, at 91 years of age. I first met Eric Trezise at the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Forum in Parliament House, Canberra in 2005. Tony Miller, founder of Dads ...

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Good Dads, Great Dads

‘Good Dads Great Dads – Footsteps Worth Following’ is the name of a fantastic book by Mal White.  The forward says it all: “I dedicate this book to my three sons; Jordan, Jesse and Josiah. You have taught me how wonderful it is to be a dad.” The ‘In Memory’ part really got to me: “To my dad, I wish with all my heart you did not die so young. (55 ...

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