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Back-To-School Tips

Did you know that in the first 18 years of your child’s life, 7.1 years will be spent in school? Over one-third of the days you have with your child until they go to university or leave school to go to work will be spent going to school. Your child’s education is important and every year counts.  For my five children, that often meant different schools for different needs, including private ...

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Single Dads Need Parenting Partners

A cherished friend of mine has just died. I cried with my daughters, struggling to get the words out as I related how dear Joe has been. I love Joe for the soft kindness he delivered. He gave me a sense of being a full dad every time I saw him. He told me, “You are such a good man,” and I cry again when I feel those words in the ...

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The Importance of a Father’s Words

The words we say are of immense importance to our children, who look to us for wisdom and an example of how to think, speak and act. Let us listen carefully to their questions and answer thoughtfully, knowing that we are laying a foundation for the rest of their lives. Is it possible that dad is never wrong? Just because dad said so, it must be true. Well, probably not, but ...

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The One Question Your Daughter Needs You To Answer

Did you know that you can mess up most things about being a dad to your daughter and yet still raise a successful young woman? You just need to answer one question for her. In this post, Guy explains what that is and how you can answer it. Being a dad can be complicated.  Anyone who is a dad knows this well. I remember well the months and even years leading ...

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