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We recently enjoyed a week in New Zealand – about five days with some of our children and then two blessed days on our own. It was like a tonic for our soul and our marriage. Long walks with relaxed afternoons soaking up beautiful vistas and abundant wildlife. One such cheeky local was a Fantail – a small native bird that sashayed its tail and flitted about our feet. This friendly avian accompanied ...

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That Romantic Atmosphere

On Friday afternoon, we went on a bushwalk with Byron’s work colleagues. Although we were with other people, we so enjoyed the time together. Walking is remarkably therapeutic for us… perhaps it’s the natural environment, or maybe it’s simply the absence of the constant phone, email and text distraction. Whatever it is, is not the point. It just feels strangely normal and earthy. Like we are stepping for a few hours ...

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Everything is Connected to Everything: The Difference Between Men’s Brains & Women’s Brains

Men and women have different ways of communicating. Once you understand how to speak your beloved's language, life will be a lot smoother! My wife asked me, “Does my hair look better?” The context of the conversation was that the COVID lockdowns had prevented her from going to the hairdresser to get her regular haircut. This is a grief to a woman, let alone the feeling of not looking her best. ...

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Please Tell Her She’s Beautiful

If we don't let our children know they are beautiful, handsome and attractive, they will look for affirmation elsewhere. Build up your child's positive body image and self-confidence. “Don’t tell your daughter she is beautiful,” says Jo Swinson, a female Minister in the UK. She would prefer children be praised for “completing tasks or their ability to be inquisitive” rather than “for wearing a nice outfit” as she believes this is ...

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Identity Crisis

I finally got it all together. Then I forgot where I put it. In my life BC (before children), I had a career based around my impeccable attention to detail. Writing, proofing, editing. Nothing gave me greater pleasure than spotting a typo at 50 paces. I don’t know whether it’s the sleep deprivation, the perpetual noise or the multitude of extra tasks demanding my attention these days but lately… and I’m ...

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Men and Women are Different

Every now and then, a moment comes when someone fires a bolt of truth into the mayhem of modern culture and the repercussions are felt around the world, in a good way!  Such a moment was the historic interview by Cathy Newman, an avowed radical feminist, with a mild but firm professor, Jordan Peterson from Canada, a highly intelligent advocate for common sense. The interview has gone viral and is now ...

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Men & Chores: Why We Do Them

Research shows that religious men tend to do more chores than non-religious, progressive men. What is the reason behind this? And what other reasons might men have to delve into the thick of housework? While housework is not the most glamorous of duties, research from the University of Utah suggests that some men are holding their own, both in the kitchen and outside it. Surprising Observations In January 2021, Utah-based Deseret ...

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The Desires of Your Heart as a Parent

One's career ambitions or personal desires can take longer to achieve when busy parenting your children. Still, have patience and savour each moment with your family. At my old church, there were initiatives and events in place to get more women to connect with each other, mainly to get the older and younger women interacting with each other. To broaden my friendship group from the girls I already hung out with ...

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Is Marriage Outdated? Five Myths That May Surprise You

Marriage gets a pretty bad rap these days. Celebrity bust-ups, high profile infidelity and a cohabitation takeover seem destined to put marriage into retirement. If it’s not already dead, it’s fast heading for extinction. Or so you might think. The truth is, despite these grim media representations, marriage is still rather popular. Weddings are at an all-time high and divorce has been in a steady decline (albeit slow) from its high of ...

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Respect & Cherishment: How Men & Women Receive Love

What’s the Difference Between Respect and Cherishment? While everyone experiences love uniquely, some clear gender patterns have emerged through relationship research. In one study, when given the option between the negative choices of being ‘alone and unloved in all the world’ or ‘inadequate and disrespected by everyone’, 74% of men preferred being alone and unloved, compared to only a minority of women.* Further enquiry suggests that this gender pattern is relevant ...

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