Valentine’s Day

  • Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day — Learn from Shrek and Seize the Moment

“A lot of men feel pressured by Valentine’s Day. They don’t like being expected to do something romantic for their wife or girlfriend on an arbitrary date on the calendar. They flinch when their mate drops hints in early February about what flowers or candy she prefers.” These are the words of Professor William Doherty, one of the world's most recognised academic authorities on marriage and family. He was one of ...

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  • Valentine's love

5 Frugal Ideas that Fit the Budget and Honour the Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Here are five affordable yet fun ideas to celebrate the spirit of Valentine's Day with your beloved all year round. Valentine’s Day is, in many ways, a gap-filling marketing oasis for retailers to cover their bottom lines between Christmas and Easter. We buy into it probably for the same reasons. Valentine’s Day offers time to take a breath between the biggest ecclesial feasts of the year. The grind is back in ...

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  • Valentine's Day Challenge

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Counting your blessings by noting down things to be grateful about your spouse, is a wonderful way to transform your perspective and make them feel genuinely appreciated and loved. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day this coming Monday 14 February, and the first thing you are going to say is, this is just commercialised flim-flam, and besides, what has it got to do with Dads? Trust me, celebrating Valentine’s Day is critical ...

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  • quantity-time

From Valentine to Valen-TIME

Quality time together is ideal to keep the spark alive in a marriage, but it needs to be bolstered by "quantity-time", making the effort to do routine things together, being comfortable in each other's company and sharing everyday moments. With Valentine’s Day approaching, couples everywhere are looking for ways to mark the day with romance. From lovestruck dating couples to couples stressed out with kids, every one of us struggles to ...

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Keep the Spark Alive — Valentine’s Day Can Be All Year Round

Valentine’s Day is next Sunday, 14 February. It is a date worthy of celebration. It just so happens that it is one of our bi-weekly date nights, so it won’t be hard to celebrate. Getting a restaurant with a free table will be the hard part. You have heard me say it before, and if you hang around with us for any length of time, you will hear it again and ...

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Valentine’s Day

A man once said to me, "I told my wife I loved her once, why do I have to tell her again?" Maybe that foolhardy statement is one of the reasons many men get irked by Valentine's Day. I was one of them. Men are headliners, while women are fine print people.  Men say, "Just give me the facts." Once we have those facts, we don't like going over old ground. ...

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Valentine’s Day

In a matter of days we celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending a card to the love of our life, buying flowers, chocolates, ‘candy’ or a host of other things to ‘prove’ our love for our one true love.  Some people hate the rampant commercialism whilst others among us go along for the ride.  I myself think that any custom that provokes us to keep the flame of love alive has got ...

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Valentines Day and the Key to a Woman’s Heart

I have heard so many men complain to me, “My wife is very high maintenance”. In most cases this statement shows a distinct lack of understanding of the fairer sex. The truth of the matter, from a man’s point of view, is all women are high maintenance. A man’s needs are very simple: food, s*x, sleep. OK, that’s a huge over-simplification, but there’s more truth in it than we care to ...

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